4 yoga poses to help you get a facelift and banish wrinkles

4 yoga poses to help you get a facelift and banish wrinkles

Want to get a natural facelift at home, without spending a cent? The answer lies in these four yoga poses.

We’re all after youthful, glowing skin that requires #nofilter so it comes as no surprise why some people fork out thousands of dollars a year on makeup and cosmetic procedures.

But how we look on the outside largely depends on what’s happening on the inside – from how nourished our bodies are to how stressed we are.

When we get stressed, cortisol is released in the body and this breaks down collagen which is responsible for keeping our skin tight and wrinkle-free. When we age, the production of collagen decreases. However, a little extra self-care might be able to slow the process.

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Sure, there’s Botox, fillers and injectables, which come with a short shelf life and a great cost, but what if there was a way to have a free and natural facelift at home?

The answer lies in the practice of yoga. They don’t call it ‘yoga glow’ for nothing.

Why and how yoga is the key to youth

This ancient practice is all about lowering stress levels and boosting blood flow, which naturally produces glowing skin. It’s also good at improving digestion by helping the body excrete toxins which may lead to fewer breakouts.

Inversions are the secret behind yoga’s youthful DIY facelift, with any inverted pose reversing the effects of gravity, helping blood circulate to the head and increasing oxygenation in the body. It can also reduce stress levels in the body by creating calmness through the nervous system, and any decrease in stress is good for reducing the signs of aging.

4 age-defying yoga inversions to try

Here are some age-defying, stress-busting inversion poses to try at home. Remember to warm up and start with the basics to avoid injury.

1. Legs Up The Wall

Simply lie on your back and put your legs up the wall making sure your feet are above your heart for maximum inversion benefits. Practice your breathing to reduce stress and as a natural detox for the body. For full benefits, try and hold the pose for at least 10 minutes. This one can be done in bed or even while binging on Netflix on the couch.

2. Forward Fold

Place your feet hip distance apart and bend forward from the hips letting your head hang freely. Put both hands on opposite elbows and sway gently side to side letting blood flow to the head.

3. Downward Dog Pose

This may not feel natural at first, but with practice it becomes a rest pose in yoga. Start by spreading your fingers wide on the mat whilst kneeling. Ensure knees are hip distance apart then straighten your knees and lift your bottom into the air, pushing into your heels. Keep your head down and glance between your knees.

4. Advanced Pose Headstand

Only practice this one if you feel ready or have the support of a wall. Start by kneeling down on a mat and placing your head on the floor. Bring your hands together in an “A” shape and place the top of your head inside trying to find the middle point of the skull. Engage your core and lift your knees, walking your feet towards your head. When you have found a stable point, press into your arms and lift one leg, then the other and raise them into the air. Stay there for up to a minute for the ultimate natural face lift.

Lexi Crouch is a registered yoga teacher, nutritionist (Bachelor of Health Science – Dietetics & Nutrition at Endeavour College of Natural Health), motivational speaker and eating disorder ambassador for Eating Disorders Queensland and the Butterfly Foundation. Find her on Instagram @lexi.crouch.

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