Your wellness horoscope for May is here

Astrologer Natasha Weber scans the skies to reveal what the stars have in store for you — and your health and wellness — this month.

The sun radiates in your sphere of personal values, crystallising what’s truly important to you. Allow the remaining superficial stuff to simply fall away. A sense of calm washes over you as you realise that it’s good health and loving relationships that really matter — nothing else is worth the worry. The sun brings this gift of clarity during the last half of May. From that point on, don’t lose sight of your priorities.

Day to thrive: May 20

May 20 welcomes #geminiseason, and two days later your sign hosts the new moon. Take the opportunity to start fresh, using all the wisdom you’ve acquired to your advantage.

Whether it’s a new chapter in your relationship or a bad health habit you want to kick, you’ll have everything at your disposal to smash your goal.

Days to thrive: May 20 and 22

Mercury governs hands, arms and shoulders, and by month’s end, the movement planet enters your sign.

Use Mercury’s stopover to explore workouts that target your biceps, triceps and shoulders. If you don’t own dumbbells, get imaginative, like filling milk containers with sand.

Day to thrive: May 29

May’s full moon brings inspiration from an unexpected source.

Perhaps your mum makes a random comment — or criticism — that motivates you to improve yourself in some way or a family member spurs you on by committing to exercise with you.

Day to thrive: May 7

Feisty Mars bristles in your relationship zone. It’s best to try to resolve the issue and not sweep the problem under the rug. The key to a successful outcome lies in being assertive rather than aggressive, with a calm but determined delivery of your point.

Day to thrive: May 13

Use the first half of May to tackle outstanding tasks. Also, do your best to resolve a quarrel with a sister, bestie, female partner or your mum.

By mid-month Venus shifts gears, making the last half of May ideal for reflection rather than action. Do the hard yards first so you can maximise this period of recuperation.

Days to thrive: May 1-12

Gentle exercise gets your lymphatic system pumping when the full moon illuminates your sign. The moon governs your body’s fluids, which can become stagnant with inactivity. So get a light sweat going. Soft, sweeping massage strokes will also help to shift excess fluid and toxins.

Day to thrive: May 7

Jupiter’s retrograde makes self-motivation scarce, with your usual fiery self being more lacklustre than lively. Turn lethargy around by going within and swapping your online iso sweat for meditation. A psychological achievement works with the retrograde rather than against it.

Day to thrive: May 14

By month’s end, clever Mercury encourages you to boost your mental agility. Keep your brain sharp by engaging in new activities — crosswords, reading, conquering a jigsaw or learning to play a musical instrument are brilliant techniques that improve brain function.

Day to thrive: May 29

This month, the stars invite you to do what lights you up from within, giving you an opportunity to dive into a dream project. With Venus’ retrograde triggering your creative sector, you can finally make a start. Write that book, research a business idea or support a charity that’s close to your heart.

Day to thrive: May 13

Venus reverses in your family zone, so use the opportunity to focus on your fur babies. An extended walk, hugs or a special treat will do the trick. Bonding with your pet supports your wellbeing by boosting the cuddle hormone, oxytocin, which elevates mood and lowers stress.

Day to thrive: May 13

As Mercury slides into your communication zone, you may find yourself becoming fixated on information about coronavirus.

Use common sense to strike the right balance between knowledge and overexposure for the sake of your mental health.

Day to thrive: May 12

Moon tip

May’s full moon in transformational Scorpio gives you the chance to make improvements to your lifestyle choices — and wind up looking fabulous in the process!

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