Your June horoscope for 2020 is here

Your June horoscope for 2020 is here

Resident astrologer Natasha Weber shares your monthly horoscope for every star sign, for June 2020. 

On June 6, the full Moon eclipse brings a brilliant idea on how to tackle an outstanding obstacle. You know you could really use help from someone who just ‘gets it’. Let them shift the heavy burden off your shoulders. Listen to their advice, and together you’ll find a solution to your problem.

By mid-month, Mercury’s retrograde creates a small hiccup that alters your family dynamic. You may experience tension with either a parent or your own child. Stop discord in its tracks by communicating openly and honestly. Spending more time with this person builds a better understanding and respect for your differences. Venus drifts into your communication sphere late in the month, offering a piece of information. What you learn helps to explain a relationship concern. Finally, you can put a lover’s quarrel behind you and move forward. Start afresh, minus the uncertainty.

A rumour about your friend or co-worker is either exaggerated or not true. Ignore gossip and turn a deaf ear to those repeating it. It’s time to exercise the loyalty for which your sign is famous for. Correct any lies and speak truthfully, from your heart. Your parents or in-laws drag you into a battle of wills. Understand that having a big say in your life makes them feel needed, and most importantly, valued. This is one battle you should exit gracefully. Still, there’s valuable advice on offer, so respectfully listen to their concerns. Consider their opinions but make it clear that you want navigation your own life.

Cash flows more freely once you finish paying off a loan or bill that has been hanging over your head. This month, Bulls gain a windfall in the form of financial relief, a bonus, or a generous gift.

June’s full Moon reveals the truth about a current or potential relationship. Long-term romance is certainly possible, but it’s a good idea to address concerns now. Want some advice? Don’t go looking for fault where there is none.

Mercury, your planetary ruler, reverses in your cash zone. A project that you had your heart set on is either starting or completing this month. If you run into a snag, don’t go into panic mode and make a choice you might later regret just to save time or money. Instead, focus on providing your best work.

Towards month’s end, Venus makes a turn for the better, bringing a little glam and beauty. Experiment with a new make-up trick or do something drastically different with your hair. Any beautification project you undertake will leave you looking gorgeous, refreshed, and youthful. If you were hesitant to try something new and daring, consider this your green light to go for it – but only after June 25.

Happy birthday, Cancer! The Sun enters your sign on June 21, beginning a brand-new 12 month zodiac cycle. Reflect on what you want to achieve. Know that you can create positive change by planting the seeds of intention now. Most importantly, acknowledge your genuine desires and don’t try to be someone you’re not. In June, Crabs host the solar eclipse and Mercury’s retrograde, which creates a relationship ripple. Someone is not as they appear. They have their own agenda at heart, so keep your cards close to your chest and any sensitive information private. In time, their true intentions will be revealed.

Still, protect your own interests for now. June’s full Moon encourages you to boost your wellness. Look out for updated scientific research on health and wellbeing that could benefit you. Crabs could do with a light intestinal cleanse. Pay attention to what you’re consuming, but a little treat every now and then is okay. Reassess your balance of nutritional needs versus pleasurable indulgences.

Spending time alone brings an epiphany. It’s in a moment of solitude that you realise or remember something that prevents you from repeating a mistake. This month, it’s vital that you listen to that little voice inside your head. Trust your intuition – it’s spot on! Mars blasts into your higher learning zone, signing you up for a short course, webinar or formal study that expands your mind. Read an inspirational book on a topic that fascinates you. There are so many brilliant ways to educate yourself on all almost any subject. Find one that suits your lifestyle. It is never too late to learn something new.

The full Moon eclipse on June 6 brings heightened awareness. Now you are sure of what you need from a lover both sexually and romantically. Communicate your feelings before Mercury goes into retrograde on June 18. Don’t be shy or ashamed to voice what makes you feel valued, satisfied, or just plain blissed out.

In the first week of June, the full Moon beams into your home zone. A surprise announcement from a sibling, parent, or cousin stirs the family pot, requiring an adjustment on your part. As a result, June sees you making a big decision. You’ll be the one to lead the way and influence your clan, Virgo. But rest assured, your family will follow your shining example. Information reaches you via a mysterious source, but don’t believe everything you hear. The messenger may have a hidden agenda. Listen to what they have to say but delay your reaction until you’re sure.

Neptune’s backwards slide makes a blissful romantic rendezvous seem too good to be true. By the end of the night, you’ll be floating on cloud nine. Pay attention to a dream that you’ve had about someone dear. The dream may have more truth to it than you think. Get imaginative and creative with how you express feelings for someone that holds the key to your heart.

Mercury slides backwards in your career sector, creating a frustrating delay. It’s possible your boss blocks a career move or prevents you from moving ahead with a potential goldmine opportunity. Still, don’t throw in the towel altogether. Chances are, the obstacle will miraculously dissolve when Mercury retrograde is done and dusted. Don’t push until then. Bide your time and be patient. This month’s full moon eclipse stirs up suspicions. But don’t jump to conclusions in case you’re wrong. Sure, someone may be acting strangely, but there’s a good explanation. The truth is out there; you just need to be patient for now.

A romantic relationship has the potential to reach new heights after you close an outdated chapter. Let go of any old flames that are preventing you from moving forward and finding happiness. Focus on what you want out of a relationship because June promises healing, acceptance and emotional cleansing.

Mars and Neptune combine in your arty zone, motivating you with a bright idea. Follow any creative inclinations that come to light even if you need to work with someone else to make a unique project succeed. Tune into your instincts when it comes to a partnership or collaboration. Trust your gut feels before you commit to working with them. June’s full Moon eclipse improves your organisational skills, especially when it comes to money. It is time to come up with a novel way to stretch your savings. Comb through bank statements and financial documents with a fine-tooth comb, and don’t neglect to read (and reread) the fine print. Taking control over your finances is your best stress reliever this month.

Singles, a platonic friendship could get hot and heavy. Until now, you’ve denied your true feelings. Yet, a fierce attraction has been building. Whatever you do, maintain your moral code, especially if a third person is involved. Is a night of burning passion worth the potential carnage?

Feeling overwhelmed in the romance department? On the one hand, your heart is bursting with love. While on the other, something is preventing you from expressing your true feelings. Perhaps you’re fearful of rejection. Don’t stand in your own way, even if you’re having trouble trusting others. Put your faith in trusting yourself and your own judgement. You may be offered a business arrangement that requires you to invest your cold hard cash. In this case, do your background checks and only invest if you can afford a loss. What seems like a promising arrangement now, is best left until next month, when Mercury’s quit its retrograde.

A legal decision affecting either yourself, family, or company winds up favourable after all the details have been attended to. This month your gift-of-the-gab can sweet-talk just about anything – or anyone. Articulate what you want – you’ll probably get it!

The combination of the new Moon eclipse and Mercury’s retrograde means your relationship zone is revved up and ready to rock! Couples consider deepening their commitment, discussing moving in together, buying real estate or tying the knot. Single? Embark on a new chapter that’s equipped with healthy self-care. Make yourself your #1 priority and watch miracles begin to unfold. Gears will be switched to a higher level for all things house and home-related. Fix long-standing repairs, clutter or home renovations. Embrace your inner clean freak! Shine and polish everything in sight.

In June, clear surroundings equal a clear mind. Avoid misunderstandings to do with loaning cash or possessions by making your expectations clear. You might feel like you’re being taken advantage of, but your friend or lover doesn’t have malicious intentions. Have a chat about what’s on your mind rather than allow resentment to fester.

An unexpected occurrence pulls the rug out from under you. Despite the drama, you’ll adjust better than you thought possible and wind up patting yourself on the back. Prove the naysayers wrong and remember that actions speak better than words. Venus enters your love zone on June 25, raising your popularity by attracting the right type of attention. Use your new-found appeal to your advantage and persuade a VIP to come around to your way of thinking. Or, confidently bat-above-your-average in the romance department.

Planetary heavyweights, Jupiter and Pluto, throw you a monster challenge by month’s end. Life can throw lemons, but you know a great recipe for limoncello. Control your outlook and approach to people and circumstances by being your own best friend. Have confidence that you will come out on top – because you will! Oh, and listen up for a leadership opportunity to elevate your social status.

Allow your creative spirit to soar when Neptune, your planetary ruler, shift gears. Artists of all kinds, including filmmakers, photographers, and writers excel in their chosen fields of artistic expression. Lacking inspiration? Go within to find your way forward. Meditation or journaling are ideal ways to tap into your what lights you up. Expect some confusion at work, thanks to June’s full Moon eclipse. Your best course of action is to remain neutral. Now is not the time to rock the boat. It sounds selfish, but nevertheless, guard your own best interests, Pisces. And keep your cards close to your chest.

Enjoy a dash of glitz and glam when Mars dances with Jupiter. Dress up in your fave outfit and put on a slick of bright, bold lipstick. Even if you’re not leaving the house, you can still send a gorgeous selfie to your crush. Married? Surprise your spouse with a sexy photo when they least expect it. If you do have somewhere important to be, make an entrance.

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