What to expect from June 2020’s Mercury retrograde

What to expect from June 2020’s Mercury retrograde

June 2020’s Mercury retrograde is officially here – and it’s going to make you question A LOT of things happening in your life right now. Here’s exactly what to expect over the new few weeks.

It’s here, people. Mercury has entered retrograde for the second time this year, and we’re already kinda-definitely freaking out.

While the world isn’t necessarily going to implode, the astrological change can bring a lot of disruption, miscommunication and maybe even chaos – enter: mental confusion, missed appointments, arguments, spontaneous schedule changes and (a lot of) broken phones. RIP.

In saying that, this transit which began on June 18 in the sign of Cancer, isn’t actually going to be that bad. We can even expect some pretty revolutionary results. Compared to previous retrogrades, life won’t become as intense and will actually help you rethink things in your life. But it also doesn’t mean you’ll get away completely untouched until Mercury exits on July 12. Here’s what you need to know about June’s mysterious retrograde.

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How to survive 2020’s second Mercury retrograde

Retrogrades typically give us the opportunity to reassess, but when it’s in the emotional sign of Cancer, it’s about rethinking things around your home and family. During this time, you’re going to pause and have moments of reflection around family situations.

You’ll want to ask yourself questions like these: How can I safely visit family again now COVID-19 restrictions are easing? What can I do to help my family members who are still self-isolating?

At the same time, you’ll also have thoughts about how you can create a sense of normalcy and security in your life. Is my daily routine working? Do things need to be adjusted? Do I have any fears about changing my habits? What are these fears? Where are they coming from? How can I overcome these?

And then you’ll also start questioning your love life. For those in relationships, questions like these will arise: Am I in a relationship with someone who accepts me for my authentic self? Or am I holding back on some level? Do they make me feel happy and calm? Do I feel emotionally secure when I’m with them?

But it’s a good idea to figure all these questions out before making any drastic changes or rash decisions, astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Refinery29.

“In the sign of emotional Cancer, Mercury retrograde can bring up old wounds and issues that we haven’t been able to discuss in the past,” Stardust warns. “Keep in mind, the sign of Cancer is known to have an excellent memory. They will hold on to matters for quite some time and use their claws to pinch back — so we can definitely expect to argue or cry quite a bit.”

It’s important to remember that retrogrades can cause miscommunications, so it’s best to tread carefully about approaching these topics if you plan on talking them through with loved ones.

And while the retrograde will affect all astrological signs, it’s Cancer and Capricorn that will really feel the impact.

But all these feelings and questions won’t last long. Once the transit comes to an end on July 12, you can start implementing some of the changes you’ve had time to reflect on during this period.

As for the next few weeks, our advice is to slow down. Embrace your emotions. Think before you act. And invest in some indulgent self-care.

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