Top tips for perfecting your yoga practice at home

Top tips for perfecting your yoga practice at home

While you wait for your fave studio to reopen, here’s how to make the most of your at-home yoga practice.

They say to fake it till you make it.

And despite a near total lack of flexibility, I took up a 30-day yoga challenge at the start of iso. My primary goal was to tone my body, improve flexibility and feel better.

I threw myself into the challenge. Downward dog, cobra, lotus, you name it: I gave it a go. At the end of it all I noticed a physical and mental improvement, which makes sense. Research suggests yoga raises levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter which works to calm your body and mind from the brain down.

One challenge has led to another. But after 30 days on the same dull yoga mat and wearing those nasty leggings I’ve had forever, I realised a few small purchases could make a huge difference to my flow.

It is true all you need is a mat and some workout gear, but if you’ve embraced the new yogi you, it makes sense to invest in it too. Small things like a mirror to check posture, or a quality mat, or an all natural home fragrance can make a huge difference to your practice. Here’s the gear I recommend for perfecting at-home yoga.

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Domyos Yoga Knee & Wrist Pad, $12 at Decathlon

We’ve all been there. Your head’s upside down, the teacher’s told you to stay in downward dog, and you can feel that pressure building at the wrist. Or perhaps you’re in a pigeon variation, with your back knee pressed into the floor. You want to get the full value out of the stretch, but you also don’t want to hurt those all important joints. A Knee & Wrist Pad is a bargain investment that can make a big difference: It works well for poses where you’re on your knees and can help soften the impact if you’re working to strengthen your joints. For added bonus, the design is eco-friendly and rounded at the centre for comfort.

Kerzon Jardin du Luxembourg Candle, $59.95 at Adore Beauty

In the best yoga practices you leave the world behind and head to a spiritual plane. And I often find that aromatherapy in yoga can help soothe my mind, take me out of my daily life and immerse myself in the flow. Scented candles can be a minefield though: many of them have artificial ingredients that just don’t work for the zen vibe. Instead look out for natural options, free from sulfates and heavy on floral notes that will take you to the countryside, even if you’re stuck at home. Kerzon’s candles are all vegan, made from natural scents and put the emphasis on fresh citrus notes. You’ll sink deep into your yoga class with these heady lilac and honey fragrances.

Yoga Everywhere Mona Vale Beach Yoga Mat, $129 at The Iconic

My battle-scarred bargain yoga mat was perfect when I went to a class once in a blue moon with the girls at the local studio. But now that I’m into an everyday practice, I’ve invested in something a little more durable. Cheaper mats can be slippery, which makes holding position and smooth transitions between movements for practices like Ashtanga hard. And while yoga is more relaxed than a run round the park, the more advanced you get, the more you’re going to sweat too. I like this mat because it’s the perfect mix of comfort and support – plus, it’s eco-friendly and has an absorbent micro-suede top layer.

So Soft Tight, $39 at Cotton On

The right pair of tights can give you great support around the waist for more challenging moves (like my personal frenemy, bridge pose). Plus, if they feature the right materials, they can deal with your sweat problem too so you aren’t feeling drenched for the rest of your class. That’s why I love Cotton On: the tights provide the perfect balance of compression and mobility, great stability thanks to the double layered waistband, and fabric that keeps you cool throughout your practice. They’re also in a range of colours, so you can let your spirit shine in a shade that matches your energy – all for a very reasonable price.

Extra Large Full Length Vintage Mirror, $199.95 at Catch

If you get a pose wrong or have poor posture it can do real damage. You want to make sure you’re lifting your chest, tucking your pelvis and looking in the right direction at all the right times. And a mirror can make a big difference when you don’t have a teacher physically there to check up on you! With a mirror, you can check yourself, fix your position before you start the next movement, and see when you nail a new pose first time. A full length mirror is key, but I love this extra large one because I can use it side on and it’s free standing, so I can move it around easily.

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