Tiffiny Hall’s snacking rules will change the way you eat

Tiffiny Hall’s snacking rules will change the way you eat

Tiff Hall’s day on a plate includes snacks – lots of yummy snacks. Because eating well doesn’t mean giving up on the food that you love. 

Losing weight (whether they be quarankilos or not) doesn’t have to be a place where all your foodie dreams go to die. In fact, it doesn’t have to be about deprivation dieting at all – if you have the right mindset. There are many ways to eat what you want and still lose weight and/or build a healthy relationship with food.

And you definitely don’t need to give up on your beloved snacks. In fact, personal trainer Tiffiny Hall says that NOT SNACKING is one of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to losing weight, because then they end up grazing throughout the day.

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“Snacking right is the same as eating your main meals right,” she tells body+soul. “You need to set snack times, prep them and be organised. Bulk cook your snacks as you would meal-prep your main meals for the week.”

By prepping your snacks ahead of time, you can also avoid emotional eating and giving in to the high-sugar snacks she says stimulate the appetite. “It’s important to snack on high-protein snacks if you can, as these will keep you full for longer.”

But eating healthier snacks doesn’t mean it’s open season on them, either, and that you can eat however many snacks you want, whenever you want. In her new book Snack Power, Tiff shares her ‘Snackology’ – her snacking philosophy – which is a science we can totally get behind.

Part of her snackology is that “a treat snack will never hurt your progress, but a binge will”, which is why she factors snacking into her meal plans (more on that later), which helps her avoid that “badass binge monster”, as she calls it.

And when you are planning your snacks, she tips: “My advice is to not eat your snacks in the dark, but to plan your snacks and eat them during the day before 4pm.”

You should also factor in your lifestyle when meal-planning. If you know you’re heading out for a run or have an online workout planned, for example, she recommends you choose a snack to fuel that workout. Tiff’s go-to pre-workout snack is the Refuel Bar recipe from Snack Power.

“I bulk-cook them at the beginning of the week. They are oat-based, which is a great slow-release carbohydrate that gives me awesome energy to do the workout and also aids recovery.”

You can also plan ahead for those moments when you need a comfort snack by making some mood-boosting treats to stash in your pantry or freezer for when you need a pick-me-up.

Tiff’s iso day on a plate

With so many of us still at home and working closer to the kitchen than normal, it’s not easy to stick to a healthy routine – it just seems like too much work sometimes. But one look at Tiff’s typical iso meal plan, and a day of healthy-eating is seeming doable again.

Here’s what Tiffiny Hall’s typical day-on-a-plate in social isolation looks like:

Breakfast: Lean Green Smoothie (from Snack Power)
Mid-morning: Coffee and Maple-Roasted Chickpeas as a snack (Snack Power)
Lunch: Chicken salad
Snacks: Back to School Bliss Balls or Let’s Go Mexico snack box (Snack Power)
Dinner: Salmon fillet and vegetables
Dessert: Healthy Banana Split (Snack Power)

And speaking of isolation…

Like many of us who’ve managed to find some silver linings and new routines we want to hang on to post-COVID, Tiff has enjoyed the time she’s had to cook with her two-year-old son, Arnold. “We’ve been making all the snacks from Snack Power – from bliss balls, to tonics, smoothies, healthy loaves, fun and creative snack boxes,” she tells us.

“We’ve had so much fun doing this together and I would love to continue to prioritise cooking with Arnie, and setting aside snack-prep time as well as meal-prep time to keep my family on track.”

Yes, the pandemic is teaching all of us many important life lessons – both big and small. So what has it taught Tiff?

“I will never take a hug for granted again!”

Us too, Tiff, us too…

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