Tiffiny Hall’s 3-hour reset rule is the simplest way to stop emotional eating we’ve ever heard

Tiffiny Hall’s 3-hour reset rule is the simplest way to stop emotional eating we’ve ever heard

Personal trainer Tiffany Hall shares her go-to tip to stop emotional eating in its tracks. Shared from her new book Snack Power, Tiff’s golden rule couldn’t be simpler. Or more effective.

What is the three-hour reset rule? It’s when you reset your food intake (and attitude) every three hours.

My rule treats every meal and every snack as a new event, so if you do slip up and eat a processed snack when you didn’t plan to, you don’t write the whole day off. Instead, you allow yourself to enjoy the treat (yep, you are allowed to enjoy it), then reset and start fresh.

My TIFFXO members tell me all the time that one chocolate bar, one chip out of the bag can often make them feel like they failed and that their day (or week, or even month!) is blown. This all-or-nothing attitude is not sustainable—and it’s not a healthy way to live.

My three-hour reset rule can help short circuit that attitude and help you to stay focused, balanced and enjoy life. Remember, there are going to be days where your snacks are not as healthy or you end up grazing. But applying this rule will help you to focus on the future and stop dwelling on the past.

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You can the three-hour reset rule to ANYTHING, not just snacks

It’s true! My three-hour reset rule doesn’t just apply to snacks and food. You can apply it to all aspects of your life.

If your morning coffee spilled down your top on the train to work, your car broke down on the way to an important job interview, your toddler didn’t go down for their nap so you couldn’t get your workout in— don’t let it ruin your day.

Take a moment to be angry or frustrated, feel the feels, then reset. Who knows what the next three hours might bring—it could still end up being the best day of your life.

Edited text from Snack Power by Tiffiny Hall. Murdoch Books RRP $32.99 via Booktopia. Out now.

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