The best WFH memes for anyone who’d rather be doing anything but work

The best WFH memes for anyone who’d rather be doing anything but work

Need something to brighten your day as you work from home? These hilariously relatable memes will help you make it through the struggle.

So you thought working from home would be a complete breeze.

Us, too.

But it only took you a day to come to the realisation that work-from-home life is pretty challenging – especially if you have other people living with you.

To help you through the struggle of dealing with the constant distractions, technical problems and whatnot, we’re sharing the best WFH memes to help you procrastinate more. Jokes. Hopefully they’ll help you get to the end of the working day.

Funniest WFH memes that are totally relatable

1. The time between waking up and clocking on takes 30 seconds.

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2. You’ve binge-watched SO much Netflix to the point everything needs to be equally entertaining.


4. All meetings can be an email. Regards, every employee.

5. Pyjamas + activewear = comfort = WFH outfit

6. Every parent can relate…

7. Technology ain’t your friend. That’s for sure.

8. Making ALL the sensible options is your forte.

9. Your boss shouldn’t know what Week 4, Day 5 looks like.

10. If you’ve watched it, you’d understand. If you haven’t, add it to your list to binge-watch 😉

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