The $1.25 ALDI cleaning product that will perform miracles on your white sneakers

The $1.25 ALDI cleaning product that will perform miracles on your white sneakers

ALDI have created the holy grail of cleaning products that is being hailed as a ‘miracle worker’ by Aussie mums, and will save even the grubbiest trainers for next to nothing.

Ever thrown out a pair of sneakers because they were too filthy to save?

That never needs to happen again, according to a Sydney mum who says she’s found a “miracle worker” that saved her filthy white shoes from the bin.

And the best bit? She used a product called Di-San Pre-Wash Stain Remover, which only costs $1.25 from Aldi. Cha-ching!

Renee Marie shared her miraculous discovery on Facebook, sharing before and after pics of her shoes, which were definitely on their way out before they copped the Di-San treatment.

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Marie wasn’t sure her shoes would live to see another day but she figured she’d give cleaning a go before she threw them away.

“I had no expectations,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle. “Just thought I would give it a go.”

Marie said she sprayed the shoes and left them for an hour, before putting the in the washing machine – and that was all it took for them to come out sparkling white and ready to head out for another adventure.

It seems Marie isn’t the first to discover the wonders of Di-San Pre-Wash Stain Remover – and it’s good for more than just your tennis shoes.

“I’m so obsessed with that spray,” one mum commented on Facebook. “With 2 girls under 3 they have not a single stained item of clothing thanks to this spray!!! My 3 year old has always worn her best dresses in the worst situations and I couldn’t care less!! Because I know I have the power of DI•SAN.”

“I use this spray on absolutely everythingggggg,” another mum shared.

Some also said they used Di-San outside the laundry, with great results.

“It also cleaned the whiteboards in my classroom,” one reported. “Removed 98 per cent of previously unable to be removed stains… love this product.”

“It’s amazing in your kitchen sink,” another commented. “Give a spray. Nice wipe and comes up shining and clean.

“I cleaned my shower glass, range hood glass, range hood filters (soaked them first in product) kitchen benches, splash back,” one said.

If we can do all that for $1.25, we’re off to Aldi immediately.

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