Sam Wood on why we should all be taking ‘exercise snacks’

Sam Wood on why we should all be taking ‘exercise snacks’

If you struggle to get one big workout done, exercise snacks might be your solution. Here’s why, according to fitness expert Sam Wood.

The idea around the concept of an ‘exercise snack’ is similar to food snacks.

We’re all familiar with snacking on food in small amounts at random times during the day, so why not apply the same principle to your exercise?

The reality is, little bits of exercise throughout the day all add up. Whether it’s taking a flights of stairs, a walk around the block or some push-ups and sit-ups in the ad break of your favourite TV show, exercise snacking can do wonders for speeding up results and burning extra calories.

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There are many benefits to exercise snacks. They could be the catalyst that gets you back into the routine of longer workouts, they’re a great way to work on your weaknesses or an easy way to do that little bit extra on top of your normal workouts to speed up your results.

If your exercise snacks are cardio-based, it also holds weight loss benefits.

If you think about it, 10 two-minute snacks really is no different to a 20-minute bout of cardio exercise – and that’s how we should think of it. When it comes to consistently losing weight or keeping weight off, incidental activity can be a game changer.

So, is it any better than one longer workout each day? Not necessarily, but it can be equally as effective or very complimentary.

3 ‘exercise snack’ ideas

Keen to fit in a few exercise snacks while at-home? Try these three:

1. If you’re watching TV… 20 couch squats and a 30 second plank every ad break

2. If you’re working from home… a walk around the block every two hours. Set an alarm on your computer/phone.

3. Every time you swear… 10 burpees

Sam Wood is a personal trainer and founder of 28 by Sam Wood. Follow him on Instagram @samjameswood.

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