Prosecco Pilates is the fat-burning workout you’ve been looking for

Prosecco Pilates is the fat-burning workout you’ve been looking for

Prosecco Pilates is the latest trend making noise in the fitness space, with people increasing the difficulty of their regular class by trying to balance a glass of bubbly.

2020 hasn’t gotten off to the best start. First there were bushfires and then there was a global pandemic, but every so often the universe has thrown a couple of gems our way. We had dalgona coffee (how have you not tried it yet?!), the food gods blessed us with pancake cereal (it’s impossible to feel sad while eating mini pancakes), then we got serious LOLs thanks to people trying to cut their bangs at home. And now 2020 has gifted us with prosecco Pilates.

Considering the only thing we love more than Pilates is workout hybrids (remember chocolate yoga?), this is just the trend we need to help stretch and tone those achy WFH muscles – and did we mention it actually works?

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Developed by UK-based fitness instructor Kelly Ravenscroft while she was in lockdown, prosecco Pilates isn’t exactly what the name would have you believe. As in, it doesn’t actually involve sitting on an exercise mat sipping on bubbly – well, sipping bubbly the whole time.

Instead, you’re supposed to pour yourself a glass of prosecco and then hold it steady while you go through your usual Pilates class.

“I added a glass of prosecco to our last class of the week as a way to relax and unwind,” explains Ravenscroft, who’s been running online classes as gyms are still shut in the UK. “We were all in our pyjamas as well, so it was meant to be a way of connecting virtually with each other – as if we were having a drink at the end of class.”

While sampling your prosecco at the end of class will keep you calm, during your workout the balancing act will have you sweaty and sore. Since you’re working hard to stabilise your muscles, you activate them on a deeper level, and this helps improve your flexibility, strength and balance.

According to Ravenscroft, holding the glass while you bust out moves like supermans, side planks and single-leg extensions amplifies the toning effects of Pilates, helping you sculpt a stronger lower back and bum as well as firing up your abs and hips.

Ready to try the trend yourself? Just grab your exercise mat, a bottle (okay, glass) of your favourite bubbly and begin. If you’re new to Pilates, or can’t access your gym yet, check out this list of apps to follow along.


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