Peace Lillies, Devil’s Ivy, Rubber Plants

Peace Lillies, Devil’s Ivy, Rubber Plants

Boost your productivity, improve your health and up your work desk’s style cred with these purifying indoor plants. Perfect for any kind of WFM office space…

You’ve ditched your PJs for ‘proper’ clothes in the name of productivity, given your work set-up a much-needed OH&S makeover and you’ve even invested in a back massager to stop the aches and pains caused by sitting for too long, but every day you still resemble one of these LOL-worthy WFH memes. What’s missing from your dream home office? Plants.

Okay, so signing up to a plant delivery service (yes, it’s a thing) might not cure your back pain, but giving your desk a greenover can change the way you work. Just ask Tammy Huynh, horticulturist at Leaf an Impression and ambassador for Plant Life Balance.

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How a desk plant can improve your home office

“It’s been scientifically proven time and time again that greening up your life with a few plant pals is good for your health and wellbeing,” she says. “The Plant Life Balance Simple Science Report tells us that plants have the ability to create feelings of relaxation and positivity, and as a bonus, improved concentration!”

Huynh also notes that in a medium-sized room, one plant can increase the air quality by 25 per cent – which in turn helps up your focus and keep you more alert.

What desk plant should you choose?

Before you splash some cash on a fiddle-leaf fig or giant monstera, it’s important to consider the space your new friend will live in.

“When it comes to which plants are best suited to greening up your work-from-home office, it depends on a few things such as how much light does it get, what’s the room temperature (this will dictate how often you will need to water it) and the level of care you can provide,” explains Huynh.

If you’re not sure what type of plants will thrive in your home office, Huynh suggests visiting or calling your local nursery. “They can advise if the plants you have in mind are suitable for your space and help you understand their care requirements. You might love the look of a fiddle leaf fig, but if you don’t have sufficient light, it will slowly die.

If that sounds like too much work, just follow Huynh’s foolproof guide below.

Low-maintenance plants

There’s are perfect if you have a busy schedule, forgetful memory, or are just starting out:

Devil’s ivy

Keep this guy in a spot that gets indirect light and it’ll thrive.

Heart leaf philodendron

These beauties work well in hanging baskets or popped on a shelf so you can admire their trailing leaves.

Rubber plant

This low-fuss plant will clean the air of chemicals. Keep it in a bright spot and ensure it has proper drainage.

Low-light plants

If you’ve set up your home office in a cosy little nook without much light, these plants can still thrive in these conditions:


As well as being master air purifiers, sansevierias (also known as snake plants) still grow in dimly lit corners.

Peace lily

These gorgeous plants don’t need lots of light and tell you when they need water by dropping their leaves. Too easy!

ZZ plant

Also known as a Zanzibar gem, these guys thrive on neglect, can withstand infrequent watering and will be just fine under artificial light.

Family-friendly plants

If you have pets or little ones who often wander into your office, look for these non-toxic varieties:


You’ll feel like you’re in the tropics instead of work with this pretty air filter. Keep it moist to keep it happy.

Spider plant

Low light? No problem. Don’t overwater this guy and he’ll just grow and grow and grow.

Aloe vera

Sit your aloe near a sunny window and it’ll provide you with juicy green leaves and clean your home office air.

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