NSW coronavirus restrictions on gyms to be lifted on June 13

NSW coronavirus restrictions on gyms to be lifted on June 13

The dwindling coronavirus numbers in Australia have prompted restrictions on indoor fitness facilities to be lifted in NSW from June 13. Here’s everything you need to know before your first training session back at the gym.

It’s good news for fitness buffs in NSW as the announcement to lift coronavirus restrictions on fitness facilities including gyms, yoga studios and indoor pools has been announced.

From Saturday June 13, indoor fitness training sessions will be permitted, but limited to 10 people at a time.

NSW Health Minister said the decision to reopen gyms was second to beauty salons.

“There’s a lot of people desperate to get back in there and the [Deputy Premier] and I are just desperate to get back into the gymnasiums,” he said.

Apart from the 10 person cap, other rules will be enforced such as fitness facilities been obliged to sign in all guests to assist with any potential coronavirus tracing as well as maintaining a four-square-metre social distancing rule.

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If you’re still having reservations about whether it’s actually safe to walk back into a fitness studio, it’s important to understand that gym owners are taking these precautions seriously.

“Gym and studio owners should be trusted as pubs, cafes and salons are to adhere to the rules,” Lizzie Bland, founder of Lean Bean Fitness, tells body+soul. “Systems are in place for when we’re given the go ahead to ensure the safest possible environment for everyone needing to get out the house and exercise, especially as winter has begun and outdoor exercise isn’t as appealing!

“We’ll be operating small group classes with a 15 min gap between to fully sanitise everything in use and members will be encouraged to bring their own mats,” Bland explains.

Founder of Flow Athletic, Ben Lucas, says he will be following similar measures.

“At Flow Athletic, we will be upholding incredibly high hygiene standards throughout and whilst the experience may feel different at first, it’s what we need to do to get our community back up and running.”

Here’s a list of all the ways gyms will change when they reopen.

Plus, the reopening of gyms won’t just be beneficial for getting your body moving again. It’ll do wonders for your mental health, too.

As Libby Babet, owner of The Upbeat Bondi, puts it: “Exercise boosts your immune system, decreases anxiety and depression, and many people go to the gym rather than the pub to socialise which is another important aspect of mental health. So, opening gyms just makes sense for our physical and mental health.”

Babet continues: “At the end of the day, all of us gym owners got into this industry to help Australians feel strong, fit and connected, and to have some fun. Right now we want Aussies to be physically healthy, with strong immune systems, especially going into winter, and we don’t want to swap one crisis for another due to widespread mental health issues, either.”

So mark June 13 in your diaries, because summer bodies – and healthy minds – are made in winter.

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