moon sign, north node, mercury node

moon sign, north node, mercury node

While everyone else is busy perfecting their sourdough or learning how to knit, you could be learning about yourself… with a little help from astrology. Astrologer Emma Vidgen explains the three main things about your astro chart.

You may be aware of Mercury from its infamous retrogrades, and you may have even heard of your moon sign and its big emotional energy. But learning a little more about them (and their friend, the South Node) can unlock a whole new world of insights into your relationships.

Astrologer Emma Vidgen from The Wayward shines a bright, starry light on three parts of your chart you should really upskill in. Consider this a crash course in yourself.

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How to discover more about your sign

Before we have a little deep dive into your sign, you’ll need to know a little more than your sun sign (i.e. the one determined by the day and month you were born). You can find all this info through sites like or cafe astrology (you’ll need your time and location of birth for this) or better yet, have a natal chart reading done through a qualified Astrologer.

Now strap yourself in because you’re about to know a lot more about yourself.

Your moon sign and relationships

Moon signs are all about feelings, intuition and emotions. They uncover how you react emotionally, and the side of yourself you show to those closest to you. Not surprisingly, they’re a big player in relationships.

“Knowing your moon sign definitely helps you understand your partner better, but more importantly it also helps you understand what you need in a relationship”, says Emma.

For example, you might think you want the whole rom-com shebang of flowers and love notes and stereo serenades, but as Emma says, “if your moon is in something like Sagittarius, the thing that will actually make you feel the most nourished is excitement, adventure, fun and optimism and a level of freedom.”

So if you keep treading down the rom-com path you might continually feel a little unfulfilled, because what you think you want, your moon is actually turned off by. In a similar way knowing your partner’s moon sign can be like a big fat penny drop, because it will illuminate the way they express love to you.

Take a Virgo moon; many people could feel like they’re nitpicking or trying to change a person in a relationship because they’re constantly offering “improvements”. But in fact, these have thoughtful intentions… they just want to make their loved one’s life easier. “They might do something practical like fix a tap, which when you don’t understand it, can come across pretty unsexy but it’s how they show their affection,” says Emma. Not only that they would also expect that similar sort of “practical love” back from a partner so it also acts as a guide of how to nourish and love them so that they too feel fulfilled.

Your Mercury sign: how you communicate

You know how during Mercury retrograde, communication basically goes into meltdown? That’s because Mercury rules the area of your chart that focuses on communication, decision-making and how you process information.

“Where Mercury falls in your chart gives you insight into the way you express yourself and also the way you learn which can be really helpful,” says Emma. For example, someone who’s Mercury is in Libra will be naturally quite rational and pragmatic, but also will attempt to balance all perspectives and take in all sides of the story… which often makes them indecisive.

They also don’t like confrontation so will usually try and avoid any kind of awkward scenario that could end up in a disagreement. Learning this about yourself can, of course, help you become a better communicator not just in your romantic relationships, but in work, family and social life too.

The South Node’s baggage

One part of your natal chart that doesn’t seem to get a lot of airplay is your Nodes – that is the North and South Nodes. But these points (which aren’t planets FYI) are actually two of Emma’s favourite parts to look at in a reading. “The South Node is a fascinating point to look at in the chart in terms of understanding what our knee jerk reactions are to things and why we respond to threats the way we do. It also points us to what we’re here to learn and resolve.”

In a nutshell, our South Node represents our emotional baggage that we need to move past to be our best and truest self. This karmic baggage can either be thought of as unresolved emotional stuff that we’ve brought into this life (from a past one), or if you don’t believe in reincarnation, think of if as inherited ancestral baggage.

The thing about the South Node is it’s often uncomfortable to face our issues and the shadow parts of ourselves, especially if you want to work through it. “The qualities of it often feel very familiar but not necessarily appealing. It represents our way of moving through the world when feel threatened or stressed, and it’s a very comfortable way of being,” says Emma.

But ‘comfortable’ doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best way of being for your soul, just like how your most comfortable shoes (like say, Uggs,) aren’t the best support for your feet. For example; those with a South Node in Sagittarius may have a tendency to get very dogmatic or intolerant when feeling threatened, and they also probably have a tendency to flee the situation.

The other interesting thing about the Nodes is that they only change signs every year-and-a-half, so people born around the same time as you will have the same Nodes. “The opportunity for learning here is in getting more familiar with what triggers you, because triggers are what teaches you. If you’re triggered, that’s where the healing has to happen,” Emma says. And that’s of course where all the good stuff – growth, enlightenment and maybe even some inner calm starts to happen.

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