MasterChef Australia’s Reece Hignell combined a vegan diet with calorie counting to lose 35kg

MasterChef Australia’s Reece Hignell combined a vegan diet with calorie counting to lose 35kg

The professional baker and MasterChef Australia favourite has revealed all the secrets behind his weight loss transformation that has viewers amazed.

If you’ve tuned into the current season of MasterChef Australia, you would’ve noticed Reece Hignell flaunting a very new look.

The 28-year-old has lost a whopping 35kg since he first appeared in the MasterChef kitchen back in 2018.

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The plant-based baker opened up in an interview with NowToLove, recalling the point in his life where he realised he needed to take charge of his health.

“The biggest inspiration for my transformation was my experience on MasterChef,” Hignell told the publication. “I was unhappy that I had put on weight whilst filming, but it wasn’t until I saw myself on TV did I realise how unhealthy I had become.”

Now, his successful weight loss has not only improved his health physically, but mentally, too.

“Today, I am a very different person,” he continued. “I am incredibly comfortable, not just in my appearance, but my personality, too.”

To lose 35kg, Hignell revealed he adopted a vegan diet while also tracking his calorie intake via an app on his phone – two crucial changes that helped him control the “constant temptations” of being surrounded by food all day.

“The best way for me to manage this was to reflect on what I eat and transition to a fully plant-based diet.”

To compliment his newfound healthy diet, he took up running and stuck to a regular exercise regime.

“It was a slow process with a lot of discovery, but all worth it in the end,” he explained. “I am incredibly proud of my 35kg weight loss.

The professional baker has also being open about his newfound appearance on Instagram.

Responding to messages he received about his weight loss, Hignell posted a carousel photo on the social media platform – the first, standing next to two F45 trainers; and the second, of himself during his first time on MasterChef Australia.

“Over the past 8 weeks I participated in a @f45_training 8 week challenge to improve my overall fitness and it seemed to do the job,” he captioned the post with. “I have been working out with @f45_training_mayfield since leaving @masterchefau and now have lost close to 30kg. Overall I am so much fitter, stronger and happier than ever (with a little help from physio).

He concluded: “Swipe for a reminder of pre training Reece haha!”

In the interview with NowToLove, the chef said that he used see health and fitness as “corny”.

“When I read things about losing weight such as good health and fitness being a lifestyle choice and not a diet, I couldn’t help but find it corny.”

He added: “I now realise what I put into my body is a lifestyle decision. If I am not on top of my health and fitness, I am or prone to health complications down the track.”

Go, Reece! We’re cheering for you.

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