JLo’s diet, according to her personal chef

JLo’s diet, according to her personal chef

Spilling the star’s food secrets, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s private chef Kelvin Fernandez lets us in on what’s inside J.Lo’s fridge and on her menu. 

Jennifer Lopez has one of the most enviable bodies on the planet and the triple threat consistently sets the internet alight with it since she turned 50 last year.

Our jaws dropped when she made headlines in the dress that literally changed the Internet at the Versace Spring 2020 show, they then hit the floor over a mirror selfie she shared of herself dressed in nothing but a teeny Frankies bikini, which proved just how toned her abs are.

Now, the star’s personal chef has given us a peek into what Lopez eats to stay svelte and seemingly ageless.

In an interview with US Weekly, Kelvin Fernandez, who has worked for her and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez for two years, shared exactly what’s in the power couple’s fridge and on their meal plan.

Inside J.Lo’s fridge

According to Fernandez, Lopez keeps her fridge stocked with “sparkling water, always fruits and vegetables, like strawberries, even though Jennifer is not a big fruit person. The kids love their fresh berries.”

Although a lot of A-Listers have their personal chef stock their fridge, Fernandez says Lopez and Rodriguez have a team of people separate to him who are responsible for keeping it full of their favourites. “[Their team] know what they eat on a regular basis, so there’s always healthy, healthy snacks and there’s always your junk snacks for the kids,” he explained, referring to the four children the couple have between them.

Lopez shares 12-year-old twins Max and Emme with her ex-husband Marc Anthony while Rodriguez is dad to daughters Natasha, 15, and Ella, 12. Their mother is his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis.

Starting the day the J.Lo way

According to the chef, both Lopez, 50, and Rodriguez, 44, “love starting their day with a green juice.” So, despite not being a fan of fruit, J.Lo does like to fire up her blender with alkalising “greens like spinach, cucumber and celery.”

But the pair don’t stop the most important meal of the day there, as they’re also fans of protein. “Eggs is always the biggest one. Turkey bacon is always the biggest one,” Fernandez adds. “They love chicken and apple sausage in the morning, turkey bacon is a must at all times and fresh egg whites. We break eggs throughout the entire week.”

Dinner time is family time

Although J.Lo’s favourite, cheese-loaded choice of cuisine for dinner – Mexican – was a surprise, Fernandez’s description of the last meal of the day in the Lopez house was heartwarming.

For J.Lo and ARod, what’s on the table each night ultimately doesn’t really matter but rather, eating together does.

“That’s something that they stress so much, especially when it’s the holidays,” he explained. “There were holidays that I worked for them and there are 40 people in the house and there were holidays and I worked for them when there was just them — the three girls, Max and Alex and Jennifer. They just stress the fact that of how important it is to sit down, spend time together and have family meals together.”

I wonder if we can get an invite?

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