‘I’m a thrice-weekly runner, and these are the only tights I’ll wear’

‘I’m a thrice-weekly runner, and these are the only tights I’ll wear’

Whether you’re an avid runner or just starting out, these are the only tights you’ll need to invest in for pure comfort and support on every run.

When I started running, the only leggings I owned were a threadbare pair of black full-length cotton leggings from Kmart. I cringe at the thought of those unfortunate people who ran or stood behind me during a body pump class – they would have got more than what they bargained for. Admittedly, I was a broke uni student, but back then there wasn’t a lot of choice and it wasn’t cool to be seen in your sportswear if you weren’t exercising.

Fast forward more than a decade, and stylish and functional sportswear – also called activewear or athleisure – has grown in popularity and created a new category in the clothing industry.

Big brands like Lululemon led the charge selling flattering, feminine tights (no one except me seems to call them leggings anymore) with a $100 price tag. Soon after, the big sportswear brands like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour started making and marketing eye-catching, light-reflecting and jaw-dropping capri, 3/4 and full-length tights that you could wear for a run and to the cafe.

Today, tights are cool and there’s plenty of boutiques, online shops and sports stores selling styles that are great for running as well as being a fashion statement. New brands are always popping up and there’s a pair of tights for every body shape and personality. As a runner who wears tights for most of the year, here are my go-to running tights for each category.

Best tights for running

Compression tights

Compression tights can be controversial. For starters, there’s the debate about whether men should wear them on their own or with shorts over the top – but I’m not about to open that can of worms. Then there’s the niggling question of whether they work. That’s something I can answer.

Since the early 2000s, elite athletes and players of all sports have embraced wearing compression tights, socks and sleeves. The theory behind compression therapy is straightforward. Compression prevents blood from pooling in the body, can increase muscle temperature and reduce muscle vibration. Research by the Australian Institute of Sport has shown compression garments can boost performance because of enhanced blood flow.

However, it appears the evidence is somewhat more in favour of compression as a recovery technique. Studies have found that compression tights can help remove lactate (a by-product that causes muscles to burn during intense exercise) from the blood and can help reduce fatigue, swelling and muscle soreness. Whether you choose to wear compression tights for exercise or recovery, be sure to buy from a reputable brand that’s investing heavily in the science and technology like 2XU, Skins or Supacore.

2XU Mid Rise Pocket Compression Tight ($155 from 2XU)

These graduated tights are breathable and lightweight, yet supportive to major running muscles like the glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. A high comfort wide waistband supports the core for enhanced technique and stability during activity. These tights are body firming and ideal for both low and high impact training, competition or recovery demands. They feature a large side pocket for your phone and keys and flatlock comfort seams to reduce chafe.


Sometimes called cropped or 3/4 length tights, capris have managed to stay the course – even though I wish we could say bye bye to what I consider to the world’s most unflattering running tight. Capri tights, I want to be clear, are not the same as cropped tights. Capri leggings hit somewhere between your knee and mid-calf. Cropped typically hit a couple inches above the ankle. Admittedly, I can see the attraction as Capris seemed to be, as Hannah Montana once said, the best of both worlds – less revealing than shorts, but cooler than full-length tights.

Running Bare Goldie Fight Club Tight ($99 from Running Bare)

Come out swinging in these gorgeous floral 3/4 tights! Oozing vintage elegance, this playful 70s inspired print is sure to get you moving. They are constructed with performance Runway compression fabric for superior muscle support and lightweight comfort. Made in Australia, these tights also feature the all-important flatlock seams to prevent chaffing and a Hidden waistband pocket to snugly store your valuables.


7/8 tights are longer than capris and finish just above your ankles. Combining both fashion and functionality – think of them as the ideal happy-medium for people who don’t want a full-length style but find capri leggings too short for them. I love this style, because I find full length tights tend to annoyingly bunch up around my skinny ankles. Since style lengths vary from brand-to-brand, it means not all 7/8 tights are created equal. Do your research before buying to get the right fit for you.

Nike Speed ($90 from Nike)

With a wider waistband than before, the matte Nike Speed 7/8 running tights wrap you with a supported, locked-in feeling that’s smooth and comfortable. This product is made from at least 50 per cent recycled polyester and a drop-in pocket on the back of the right hip stashes your phone, while an additional easy-access pocket secures small essentials as you run.

Full length

The original legging, the full-length tight will always have its place in my running wardrobe. Despite my puny ankle issues, I do love the coverage of a full-length, figure-hugging tight. Thankfully, brands have finally figured out that ankles and zip aren’t a good match when running, and now most styles feature flatlock seams or a rubber-like seam tape that hugs the ankle to keep the tights locked into position so that they don’t crawl up the leg with movement.

Lorna Jane Athletic Core Full Length Tight ($119 from Lorna Jane)

These fashion forward tights are made from our sweat wicking, Nothing 2 See Here fabric that keeps you cool, dry and comfortable from start to finish. With more support through the mid-section and elastic trim pockets big enough to hold your phone, these tights are the perfect full length running tight.

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