If you dream it, it will come

If you dream it, it will come

A new lunar cycle is beginning on May 22 at 3:36am AEST with the May 2020 new moon — and it’s bringing us some big energy that will make your dreams a reality.

Following the full Scorpio supermoon earlier in May, which was all about illuminating the truth and what was really going on, this upcoming luminary in Gemini is about moving forward positively through connection, change and ideas.

What does a new moon mean?

“New moons are seen as a time for setting new goals and intentions, while Gemini is the sign of community, communication, peers, siblings and new ideas,” explains astrology writer and energy healer Trudie McConnochie.

“Putting the two together, this is a great time for making resolutions to better support your community, build stronger connections with workmates and siblings, and get new ideas off the ground.

“Communication is highlighted, so it’s a great moment to, for example, commit to finally writing that book you’ve been banging on about since forever, or sharpen your delivery of work presentations to help nail a future promotion.”

How will the new moon in Gemini affect us?

And, says McConnochie, as we approach Gemini season this year, magic can happen— yes, even amid a global pandemic — and it’s up to us to let it.

“The word ‘magic’ tends to suggest things happening mysteriously beyond our control, but it’s important to remember that if we want to make changes in our lives, magic is something we have to actively participate in.”

“Astrology doesn’t promise us things will fall into our lap – nothing is ‘destined’ to happen, as such – but it does show us the best places to direct our energy to create good outcomes in our lives.”

The secret sauce to creating those outcomes and making your dreams a reality? It’s as easy as putting pen to paper, writing them down, working to make them happen and really believing they can.

“Setting intentions and goals is a really powerful way to invite the Universe to support you in your plans, but the onus is always on you to put in the hard yards,” outlines McConnochie.

“Magic also requires an optimistic mindset. This doesn’t mean being positive all the time – which is neither possible nor particularly healthy – it just means believing that good things can happen for you, no matter what has happened in the past. If you are always expecting the worst, it’ll be more difficult for you to attract good outcomes, no matter how hard you work.”

We’ve had a supermoon, retrogrades and now a new moon – what does it all mean?

We’ve had some major BPE (big planetary energy) of late, a Supermoon and four planets in retrograde too – ooph, mega.

McConnochie reassures that the new moon and sun both being in Gemini won’t be another significance in this mix. However, Mercury, Venus (now retrograde) and the north node (which is all about our life purpose) all in Gemini does have an impact on our collective energy and while that supercharges some things for the better, it should also flag that we watch our words even more closely than usual.

As McConnochie explains, “Whenever there’s a cluster of planets in a particular sign, that can intensify the energy in the areas that sign governs.

“The specific ways this shows up for you will depend on what part of your astro chart these transits are happening, but in general Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, which means we’re getting a double dose of that quick-thinking, fast-talking, social energy.

“You might find your flirt game gets stronger, your mind feels particularly ‘wired’ or your banter with friends flows better, perhaps.

“By contrast, Venus is the planet of relationships and value, and because it’s in retrograde that’s putting pressure on relationships, exposing where you and your partner might have issues to work through, or where you’ve overvaluing things that aren’t as important as others (for example, money over family).

“Given this transit is happening in Gemini, the sign of communication, you might find miscommunications, fights escalating quickly and difficulties in expressing yourself are more likely at this time.”

When you feel energy rising – for better or worse – take a beat, cast your mind back to your bigger picture and exhale, that way, you can ensure your goals aren’t compromised by misplaced words.

Because right now, if you dream it, it will come. Dare to think big and by the end of the year, you’ll have it. All you need is single-minded clarity, gumption and a plan.

How will the new moon in Gemini affect me?

“This is a powerful time for setting goals and intentions for what you want to accomplish over the next six months. The Gemini full moon – a time of peaking and yielding results is on November 30, 2020, so the goals you set at this new moon could bear fruit in late November (provided you put in the work, obviously).

“Because Gemini is all about ideas and communication, doing a mindmap of what you want to create in your life and writing down your goals can help you tap into this energy nicely.

“Gemini loves to collaborate, so share your goals with other people – this helps keep you accountable, too. Gemini also loves tech, so look to apps to help you stay on track with your goals.”

This isn’t a typical Gemini season, but even with our instincts to connect and travel right now being largely repressed, we can still partake in the season of communion with ideas and digital socialisation and togetherness.

So, stay open to transition, surprise connections, and new ideas emerging. And, remember, if you dream big and work hard, the world’s your oyster.

When is the next new moon?

The next new moon is in Cancer, and it’s happening on July 2. During this time, you’ll probably feel like spending more time with family and close friends— fingers crossed for more safe lifting of restrictions.

But for now, carpe diem.

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