I own a lot of leggings, but these make me feel like it’s pants-off Friday every damn day

I own a lot of leggings, but these make me feel like it’s pants-off Friday every damn day

Long-time legging-lover Alison Izzo details why lululemon’s iconic Align Pant are the Rolls Royce of “naked-sensation” leggings. #notsponsoredjustgood

Hands up if you’ve subscribed to the sartorial #iso ethos of ‘business up top, party down below’ since working from home? (My hand = firmly in the air.)

Then, add your workplace’s daily Zoom meetings to the very serious need to stay comfortable whilst sitting on your (probably) very unergonomic desk chair, and you get this: a mammoth uptick in global want, nay – need, for new leggings.

Local activewear labels Nimble and Jaggad have both reported huge spikes in the sales of their legging styles, and according to WWD, both The Strategist and The Cut both noticed strong online sales in “comfortable apparel”, including leggings from their affiliate-linked content. The Business of Fashion backs this up, claiming that globally yoga pants are “selling like crazy”.

It makes sense. After all, what other kind of pant is going to let you go from 9AM executive meeting to mid-morning walk to the coffee shop, to a 6PM online yoga class? Leggings, that’s what. Thank God they’ve been deemed ‘back in fashion’.

But the question is not why leggings (because, d’uh), and more which leggings? After extensive research (read: wearing nothing BUT activewear for the last five weeks) I think I’ve found the perfect pair for our iso days at-home: lululemon’s Align tight.

A quick Google search proves this is not a new revelation to the world of legging-lovers. The Align Pant is verging on icon status, such is the global appreciation for these versatile leggings.

Why are they so revered? It all comes down to the “naked sensation” fabric. Lululemon spends a lot of time, and money, on research and development of their fabrications and the Nulu™ at play here is feather-light, to the point that it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Warning, this an be slightly disconcerting when you’re on a work video call and remember if you’ve remembered to put on pants that day… but I digress.

The Nulu™ fabric is also super, super-stretchy thanks to a four-way stretch technology. So much so that many new mums swear by them, wearing their usual size throughout their entire pregnancies. And then afterwards, as well.

The OG Align Pant style may be the 7/8 length, but the pant comes in a myriad of iterations: two waist heights – a regular and a high-rise version, a range of leg lengths – including a cropped 21-inch, a 23-inch, a 25- and a 28-inch inseam – as well as a bike short and tank style, too. Currently, there are number of colourways to choose from – rust, olive, grey, navy – but let’s be honest – you’ll probably start with black, right?

Retailing from $109 to $119 (depending on which leg-length you opt for), the Align Pant doesn’t sit on the cheaper end of the activewear spectrum, but what price can put on your comfort during these anxiety-inducing times?

There are, however, some drawbacks to the Align, I will admit. These tights will not give your compression-level support, and – even despite their ‘moisture-wicking’ claims – are not ideal for a sweat-dripping HIIT session. They will hold you in, especially the high-rise versions, but if it’s that suck-y-in-y feeling that you’re after, these will not be your perfect WFH pants.

That being said, if you’re after something that’s one step up from a pair of tracksuit pants, but without compromising on comfort and will transition you seamlessly (literally) onto your yoga mat for an online workout, you won’t do better than this.

Namaste to that.

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