‘I lost 8kg in 3 months eating more carbs’

‘I lost 8kg in 3 months eating more carbs’

Linda’s body transformation proves you don’t need a fancy fad diet or complicated workout routine to lose weight fast.

Linda struggled with her weight since her early teens, which caused her to become a serial dieter.

This caused her to fall into an unhealthy habit of restricting her calories during the week, only to binge eat over the weekend.

“I would always start the week by menu planning and eating healthy, but usually by the weekend life would get busy, we would eat out and the diet would suffer,” she tells body+soul. This, combined with a regular evening snacking habit and an inconsistent exercise regimen caused her weight to spiral upwards.

But it wasn’t until after Linda gave birth to her second child did she realise she needed to prioritise her own health, lose weight and show her body the care it deserved to “feel better physically and mentally, and gain confidence.”

She signed up to Lite n’ Easy and 12 weeks after eating and exercising right, she had lost 8kg.

Here’s exactly what Linda did to lose weight.

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Linda’s diet

“I would usually skip breakfast and avoid carbs,” Linda explains. “I would try to eat healthy but would tend to make bad decisions over the weekend and with snacks.”

But Lite n’ Easy’s Jump Start program had her back on carbs and enjoying breakfast five times a week.

Here’s what a typical day on a plate looks like for Linda…

Breakfast: During the week it’s cereal and yoghurt OR toast, and one morning on the weekend it will be a hot breakfast option such as poached eggs, bacon and tomato on wholemeal English muffin.

Lunch: Her favourites from the Lite n’ Easy menu include mushroom dumplings, pizza, Southern style chicken, and beef and udon noodles.

Dinner: Her favourites include crumbed fish, wedges and steamed vegetables, spaghetti Bolognese, Thai beef yellow curry, a tortilla stack and chicken enchiladas.

Snacks/dessert: Fruit and a mini cake from the program.

Linda’s exercise plan

Linda’s exercise routine proves you don’t need fancy gym equipment to lose weight. In fact, all you need is a comfortable pair of running shoes.

“I try to walk daily with our dog and have been fairly successful walking at least 5-6 days a week,” she reveals.

Linda on her number one weight loss tip

Linda admits she hasn’t found any part of her weight loss journey to be challenging, and sticking to a meal plan has helped overturn her old eating habits and “stay disciplined.”

She adds that the key to successful long term weight loss is simple: “My advice to anyone seriously wanting to lose weight is to follow a seven day plan. It doesn’t allow you free days to make mistakes.”

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