‘I lost 45kg by eating 6 meals a day’

‘I lost 45kg by eating 6 meals a day’

Zoe Terry when from weighing 112kgs to an impressive 66.5kgs – and has managed to keep it off. . Here she shares all the secrets behind her successful transformation.

Zoe Terry didn’t think twice about her daily food intake and had developed poor eating habits.

“I used to often skip breakfast if I was busy, or make a quick and unhealthy choice like lots of buttered toast and milky coffees. I would skip meals and then overeat at the next meal,” she told body+soul.

Her exercise regiment was practically non-existent. “I didn’t exercise and I struggled to keep up with my son. I would dread it if my son asked to have a running race or play an active game,” Zoe said.

Her unhealthy eating habits combined with her sedentary lifestyle caused the weight to pile on until she tipped the scales at 112kg.

“I had struggled with my weight since I can remember and when I developed postnatal depression after the birth of my son, my weight continued to balloon.”

But after her father experienced a “health scare”, she was determined to make a change. “I didn’t want my son to worry about me,” Zoe explained.

Fast forward to 2020 and Zoe has lost over 45kgs, weighing 66.5kgs. This is how she made the inspiring changes to her body and mindset since July 2019…

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Changing her previous dietary habits

With the help of The Healthy Mummy – a global parenting health site for mums – Zoe overthrew her harmful diet habits. She started to have breakfast every day, was eating six times a day and “no longer skipped meals”.

Zoe made sure to plan ahead and says she “portion-controlled food”. To avoid temptation and processed dishes, she “prepped meals and snacks for the week ahead” and “cooked from scratch”.

Here’s what a day on a plate looks like for Zoe

Breakfast: Healthy Mummy smoothie.

Midday snack: Boiled eggs and vegetable sticks with dip.

Lunch: Healthy Mummy smoothie or leftovers or salad.

Afternoon snack: Fruit and bliss balls or Healthy Mummy muffins.

Dinner: Healthy meal with family.

Evening snack: Healthy Mummy muffin and herbal tea.

Her current exercise routine

Due to COVID-19 closures, Zoe is currently unable to go to the gym. Before the pandemic, she made sure to keep her body moving at the gym. “Pre-COVID, I was at the gym six days a week doing a mix of weight and cardio classes,” she revealed.

Now, Zoe tries to maintain her fitness by walking every day and doing at-home workouts.

Zoe’s advice to others

Along the way, Zoe had a few revelations. “I’m stronger than I thought!” she exclaimed. “Our bodies actually crave healthy food and movement.”

Although it wasn’t a simple process, Zoe’s weight loss was a success because she ignored “the negative self-talk and self-sabotage”.

Her advice to others is simple: “Keep trying! I never thought I could actually lose the weight. One day it’ll just click and living a healthy lifestyle will be easy.”

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