How to keep your stomach healthy in winter?

How to keep your stomach healthy in winter?

In cold winter, the intestinal function is prone to disorder, which is the high incidence of acute gastritis. If you accidentally eat food that is contaminated with bacteria, indigestible, or drink unclean cold water, it is easy to cause acute gastritis. Therefore, we must be careful about our diet in winter.

Here are some daily tips to protect your stomach.

   1. Keep a regular life. It means getting up and going to bed on time, avoid working overtime, staying up late or extra meals at night.

   2. Keep yourself warm. Wear enough clothes when going out and don’t forget gloves, scarves and hats, if necessary. You’d better button up your clothes to prevent the wind from blowing directly into your stomach.

  3. Avoid overeating. Don’t eat and drink too much during family dinners and friends gatherings or drink excessively without restraint.

   4. Don’t smoke too much or drink strong tea for a long time.

   5. Don’t eat greasy food, such as deep-fried dough sticks, oil cakes, fatty meat. Instead, eat more vegetables, fruits and light foods.

Avoid eating rough and irritating foods, such as whole grains, biscuits, pepper, spicy food and espresso.

   7. Avoid acidic food and carbonated drinks. These food or drinks are easy to block digestion and stimulate the gastric mucosa, which are inconducive to the recovery of gastric mucosal inflammation.

   8. Maintain a happy mood and a stable emotion. You can listen to songs, climb mountains and exercise to relax yourself .

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