‘How I lost over 140cm of body fat and dropped 6 dress sizes’

‘How I lost over 140cm of body fat and dropped 6 dress sizes’

Bridget’s incredible body transformation proves exactly why the number on the scales don’t tell the entire truth. 

Bridget was stuck in an unhealthy dieting cycle.

She would restrict her calories during the week only to excessively binge eat over the weekend.

“I would eat a lot and very high calorie foods all weekend,” she tells body+soul,

And although the 39-year-old was quite physically active, she let her exercise routine go by the wayside once she gave birth to her first daughter.

“I really used that as an excuse to not exercise and eat what I wanted.”

Six months after giving birth and Bridget reached her heaviest weight at 84kg, wearing size 20 clothes.

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She attempted a few weight loss programs, but didn’t find one she could stick to. That was until she came across Healthy Mummy transformations on Facebook.

“I took the leap and joined, and have not looked back.”

Five years after joining Healthy Mummy and Bridget has lost a massive 140cm of body fat and currently wears size 14 clothes.

Here’s how she transformed her life…

Bridget’s diet

Bridget meal prepped every week and followed the program’s meal plan, which she claims saved her time and effort.

“I loved how much time it saved me hunting for recipes to cook each week. I was able to customise my meal plan to suit our likes and dislikes, and I never once felt like I was ‘dieting’ – it was just delicious homemade healthy food.”

Here’s what her typical day on a plate looks like now…

Breakfast: Smoothie.

Morning tea: Fruit OR pretzels/popcorn OR a smoothie OR snack bar.

Lunch: Leftovers from dinner.

Dinner: A recipe from the Healthy Mummy challenge, such as a healthy stir fry, pasta, soup or roast.

Dessert: Fruit OR hot chocolate OR mug cake.

Bridget’s exercise routine

Prior to her weight loss, Bridget’s weekly workout routine consisted of two netball sessions and 3-4 runs.

However, after undergoing knee surgery in 2017, she changed up her fitness approach by incorporating HIIT and Tabata style workouts.

“I exercise every day for my physical and mental health. I mix it between runs, strength sessions and HIIT style workouts,” she explains.

During the week, Bridget workouts first thing in the morning at 6am, and plays netball and goes for a long run on the weekend.

Her attitude towards exercise is now all about quality, not quantity.

“I stopped working out longer and harder, and work smarter.”

The biggest lesson Bridget learnt

Although she has lost an impressive 140cm of body fat and dropped six dress sizes, her weight has remained the same at 84kg. This is why she wants everyone to remember the scales don’t tell the entire truth.

“The biggest lesson I have learnt is to stop relying on the scales. This one number does not define success. I now use photos and how my clothes fit as a guide to weight loss.

Drawing from her own transformation journey, Bridget’s advice to others trying to lose weight is simple: “Take measurements and photos, and ditch the scales. Never compare your journey to others, some are quick and some, like me, are very slow and even goes backwards at times.”

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