‘How I lost 12kg and 17% body fat in 8 weeks without going hungry’

‘How I lost 12kg and 17% body fat in 8 weeks without going hungry’

In a short two months, Atara’s lost more than 12kgs and 17 per cent body fat, taking out second place in the female People’s Choice division of the F45 8-Week Challenge. 

Before her inspiring fitness transformation, full-time student Atara Lebransky was always “really busy and eating at inconsistent hours every day.”

In terms of her fitness, she exercised “around 3 times a week” but wasn’t seeing the results she desired.

The F45 8-Week Challenge was what truly motivated Atara to transform her overall health and wellbeing.

“I had seen some incredible results in past challenges from other people at my F45 club and so this really made me want to give it a go,” she told body+soul.

So, Atara signed up to F45’s popular 8-Week Challenge.

During those two months, Atara’s amazing efforts paid off – she lost more than 12kgs and 17 per cent body fat. As a result of her hard work, she even took out second place in the female People’s Choice division of the Challenge.

Here’s how the Melbourne student went from 69.5kg to 57.2kgs in just eight weeks…

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Atara’s diet

“It was definitely an adjustment, I am a pretty driven person and usually once I decide to do something I will wholeheartedly commit,” she tells body+soul.

To overthrow her old eating habits, she “stuck to the F45 meal plans meticulously.”

“I now try to eat more consistently and really focus on food that nourishes and gives my body energy and nutrients.”

Getting enough macronutrients is crucial for optimal health, so Atara was determined to include a variety of foods into her meals.

“I try to have as much variety of different food groups as possible. I will try and focus on incorporating protein and iron-rich foods because I am a vegetarian so I need to put in more effort and emphasis on this than other people,” she explains.

Atara’s exercise plan

Like most transformations, support networks are essential to stay motivated.

Atara explains that her gym’s encouraging environment really helped her accomplish her fitness goals.

“The trainers at our gym are amazing,” she says.

Now, she tries to keep active for “five to six days per week.”

Atara’s advice for others

The 8-week journey was not always easy – especially since cake was involved: “My birthday was on the third day of the challenge and I really wanted some cake but I pushed through and stuck to the plan with a treat-less birthday!”

Despite her incredible results at the end of the challenge, Atara wants others to know that the numbers on a scale can only take you so far.

“I think it’s really important not to place emphasis on numbers but rather focus on what you put into your body. Your weight will fall into place once you are nourishing your body.”

Her advice to others is simple: “You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it!”

“But remember to always listen to your body’s signals, if you are tired and feeling really sore, take a day off. Pushing yourself is awesome but self-care is sometimes just as important as a hard day at the gym.”

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