Hooray! Your June horoscope for 2020 is here

Hooray! Your June horoscope for 2020 is here

Astrologer Natasha Weber on what the stars have in store for you this month, in July 2020.

July’s full moon eclipse triggers a workplace shake-up which could ultimately work to your advantage. Nevertheless, even positive change can cause a stress response in your body, if left unaddressed. Whether you’re settling back into a familiar routine or starting a brand-new job, you must support your wellbeing through this time of transition.

Soothing music or restorative yin yoga can help you to cope with the professional shifts you’re bound to face this month. Do what you must to get through with your sanity intact. Mercury abandons its retrograde, offering a helping hand around the house. Thumbs up to fixing leaky taps, replacing broken appliances and attending to minor repairs. By mid-month, creative Rams enjoy interior decorating, now that Venus is back on track.

July begins with steely determination, as Saturn steps back in your zone of higher learning. Students are motivated to commit to their studies – and excel. Still, you don’t need a formal education to acquire expertise in an area that fascinates you. There’s plenty of information – online and in books – that can quench your thirst for knowledge.

Explosive Mars triggers your subconscious zone, so don’t ignore small signs and signals. Your mental health needs addressing, and a little extra TLC could be all that’s required. Still, if you’re having trouble navigating your emotional landscape, connect with an expert. There’s no shame in seeking guidance from a psychologist, clinician or an energy healer. Reach out to a trusted friend or your local GP if you don’t know where to start. Take the first step, and the cosmos will do the rest.

Baffled at why you’re feeling lacklustre when you’ve been following all the wellness rules (well, mostly…) Blame your planetary ruler’s retrograde. Mercury’s backwards slide has elevated your stress levels and created a few frustrations, to say the least. However, that’s about to change for Geminis. Expect an energy boost around mid-month, particularly in terms of your drive and motivation. Then, you’ll be back on top of your game, feeling fabulous!

July’s full moon eclipse brings a potential partnership to your attention. Looking for someone to compliment your business, elevate your brand, or provide you with valuable guidance? The professional that pops up this month could be the perfect fit for you. Still, if you’re asked to sign legal documents or contracts, it’s best to wait until after July 12.

July welcomes another 2020 new moon for Cancerians, which is quite rare. Just like the saying ‘once in a blue moon’ goes, this month offers a unique opportunity to make a change for the better. Think carefully about where you direct your attention because your thoughts are especially potent now. Making a conscious effort about where and how you want this fresh start to occur is the key. Be the master of your own destiny, Cancer.

Relationships are highlighted in July, thanks to this month’s full moon eclipse. Equally as important as mastering yourself, are those with whom you share your heart, hopes, and time. Make wise decisions about who is allowed into your inner circle. La Luna discards a toxic relative, frenemy or ex that’s not in your life for the right reasons.

Happy birthday Leo! This month sees you stepping into the spotlight, where you belong. Refreshed and rejuvenated, expect to be complimented on your gorgeous mane, glowing skin and sparkling eyes. Yet, it’s the spring in your step that gets noticed most. You’re ready to shine, especially after July 22. Don’t hold back on birthday celebrations either. If someone attempts to throw a spanner in the works, do your best to ignore them. The green-eyed monster has been cut loose where this person is concerned – don’t be tempted to play their childish games.

An elderly friend or parent may need to lean on you. You have everything it takes to support them, but don’t be surprised if you feel less than appreciated for your efforts. Do good for good’s sake. Then, you’ll feel fantastic about your place in the world, knowing you’re doing your bit to make a positive contribution.

Because of Mercury’s retrograde, you’re a little off-kilter during the first half of the month. Nevertheless, brace yourself for a major boost when your planetary ruler shifts gears. Then, you’ll be jumping out of your skin with extra oomph and vitality. Tackle an outstanding task or rid yourself of a toxic frenemy that’s been draining your energy.

By mid-month, Mercury helps you pick and choose who you share your precious time with. Now is the time to be super discerning. If you don’t, you could get in too deep. Although you believe you can control the situation, the truth is, you can’t. Some things are bigger than you are, and this is one of them. Step back from what (or who) you know is not in your best interests as soon as things feel wrong. Saturn steps back into your creative sector, begging you to pick up where you left off. This month, complete a task that benefits from your artistic talent. This could be anything that utilises your innate gifts, such as photography, website design or graphic art.

July’s full moon eclipse inspires you to make some changes around your home. Many Librans may be considering selling or buying real estate, but this isn’t a great idea. An eclipse can stir up confusion, so it’s best to stay close to home for now. Instead, work on improving the living space you’re already in. Make it a sanctuary that brings out your best. Start with one room – your favourite, and expand from there. You possess a knack for interior design, Libra. So, you can really go to town this month. Pay special attention to the lighting. Soft, warm light creates a beautiful ambiance.

By month’s end, Mercury’s clash with Mars causes a war-of-words with your business partner, boss or spouse. The disagreement involves a work-related issue. Be sure to have all your facts straight before making any accusations, and tread cautiously when defending yourself. Give the argument time to cool before setting any firm ultimatums.

Learning the art of forgiveness is one of your greatest challenges, Scorpio. Still, hanging onto resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. In July, Mars and mega asteroid Chiron help you let go of what has you in an emotional vice. Ask yourself, what would be so terrible if you simply walked away? Your answer is in your initial gut reaction. Sometimes, the healthiest move is to cut your losses and move on. Know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em!

This month’s new moon encourages you to take up some type of study or reeducation. Sign up for a short course or a webinar in a field that has always piqued your interest. There’s scope to upskill too, which could elevate your professional position. If your efforts are going unrecognised at work, polishing up what you bring to the table could help you get noticed by a VIP.

Saggies are myopically focused on money matters in July. There’s so much to be gained by putting in the hard yards this month – don’t hope things will just sort themselves out. Reach out for assistance if you need expert guidance, which actually isn’t a bad idea. Combing through tedious details now will help set you up for future prosperity. Most importantly, don’t be impatient. However, do stand your ground and know your worth.

Sagittarians with a vision can expect a giant leap forward towards their goal. Lingering household matters finally come to fruition, thanks to Neptune’s kiss with Jupiter, your cosmic guardian angel. By month’s end, Archers experience smoother sailing within their family circle. Although you prize your freedom, you’ll come to realise the precious value in a simple, stable home life.

The final eclipse out of three is occurring in your sign this month, Capricorn. Recently, you’ve encountered some significant opportunities for growth but may not have understood the reason or the lesson behind them. Now, after the first week of July, you get it. You’ll feel more on path and sure of your direction.

In fact, your final destination seems so glaringly obvious you can’t believe you didn’t see it earlier. Don’t waste your efforts beating yourself up for not having made more progress before now. Regret is futile. Instead, focus on the task ahead; it’s so close to mastering, you can almost taste it. The Sun’s alignment with sobering Saturn asks you to address relationship boundaries. Have a heart-to-heart with your partner to discuss what your deal breakers are. And stick to them!

You’ll be super pumped to take your health to the next level, thanks to July’s new moon. It’s quite rare to have two consecutive new moons triggering your wellbeing zone. Yet, this month, that’s exactly what’s happening. Not only is this lunar magic giving you a double boost, but it also brings a second chance. Aquarians that have made several unsuccessful attempts at ditching a health vice, finally triumph in July.

The Sun and Saturn present an obstacle that tempts you, but you have more strength than you realise, Aquarius. Remain focused on your objective. Keep a clear picture in your mind’s eye of you achieving your goal. How do you feel in this picture? What are you wearing? Relationships of all types are on the up-and-up this month too. By month’s end, you’ll celebrate a meaningful milestone with someone close. Do it in style.

Your two most influential planets, Jupiter and Neptune, make beautiful music in July. Although their tune isn’t played until month’s end, you’ll feel a sense of lightness beginning mid-month. Now is the time to explore your future hopes and wishes because the world really is your oyster. Don’t be put off by the current restrictions and global problems. You’re the dreamer of the zodiac, Pisces, and the world needs your vision.

Of course, you don’t have to fix everything for everyone. But do start in your own backyard. The cosmos asks that you follow through with what makes your heart sing. Is it writing, painting, or jewellery making? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to start your own small business. Wait until the eclipse dust has settled, and by mid-month, do it! Be the change you wish to see in the world, and you’ll inspire others to do the same.

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