Gyms are using exercise pods to prevent spread of COVID-19

Gyms are using exercise pods to prevent spread of COVID-19

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, gyms are reopening around the world with strict social distancing rules implemented – and one fitness centre has even introduced “gainz pods”. 

Gyms across Australia have finally reopened thanks to coronavirus restrictions easing, and fitness buffs are slowly adjusting to the new “normal” at gyms.

We previously discussed all the ways fitness centres will be adhering to strict social distancing rules and regulations to prevent the spread of germs. These changes include temperature checks upon entering, reduced class sizes and the need for logbooks and member tracking systems. But it seems as though these changes are just the beginning of what we should expect.

Fitness club Inspire South Bay Fitness in Redondo Beach, California, made headlines after debuting its solution for keeping socially distanced at the gym in the age of COVID-19: individual training pods.

The gym’s owner Peet Sapsin, dubbed them “Gainz’ Pods” in an Instagram post.

“Reopening our gym @inspiresouthbay is not an easy task. But we are prepared to increase the safety for all of our members against COVID-19,” the post reads. “It took us about 3 days to build our pods.”

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The post concluded: “Our class capacity will be limited but we will get creative with our program. No matter what, we’ve got your back.”

In an interview with Los Angeles news station KTLA5, Sapsin said he was considering plexiglass for the pods, but the design would have cost more than $10,000USD (approximately $14,500AUD). Instead, he used PVC pipes and clear shower curtains – materials that are accessible and affordable.

“For other gyms who aren’t sure how to open things up, hopefully this can give you some ideas to keep your clients safe,” Sapsin said in the interview.

“It’s been really tough, we weren’t sure if we were gonna [be] able to reopen again,” Sapsin told KTLA5. “But because now that we’ve come up with this solution, it’s a lot more affordable and, now, we can reopen back up a little more safer and healthier for our clients.”

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