Give your brew a healthy makeover

Give your brew a healthy makeover

The internet’s latest coffee obsession might look delicious, but it’s also packed with sugar. Here’s how to help your Dalgona coffee pass the health test.

There’s no denying the coronavirus pandemic has brought about its fair share of devastation, but it’s also provided us with a few gifts. It’s allowed us to get in touch with our inner baker (and given birth to these hilarious baking fails as a result), triggered a banana bread renaissance, inspired LOL-worthy memes about at-home bangs and of course shone a spotlight on Stanley Tucci’s sexy negroni-making skills.

It’s also introduced the world to the fluffy magic that is Dalgona coffee.

Originally from South Korea, this drool-worthy brew (also known as whipped coffee) has been going viral on Instagram and TikTok the past few weeks, and when you look at how simple it is to make, it’s easy to see why.

How to make Dalgona coffee

2tbs coffee

2tbs sugar

2 tbs hot water

1 cup milk

Whip the coffee, sugar and water together with an electric beater then spoon the fluffy mixture onto a cup of warm or cold milk.

How to health-ify your Dalgona coffee

If you’re like the rest of us and need to seriously curb your isolation snacking, you’ll notice the sugar content of Dalgona coffee is kind of high.

So what can you do to fix it?

Easy – just make like wellness guru Caroline Groth and replace your sugar with stevia instead. You can also try using coconut sugar and a high-performance coffee, or sub-in an alternative milk like almond, oat or macadamia.

Try a whipped turmeric or matcha latte instead

If coffee just isn’t your brew, try swapping it out for matcha or turmeric.

Not only will you score an impressive antioxidant boost, you’ll also enjoy the plants’ anti-inflammatory effects, too. Simply follow the same process as above but use powdered turmeric or matcha instead.


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