Five planets are in retrograde this week

Five planets are in retrograde this week

Expect an increase in chaos, disruption and heightened emotions this week as five major planets enter retrograde simultaneously. Here’s what to expect and how you can use it to your advantage. 

Having a worse-than-normal start to the week? Feeling a little off? Don’t worry, it’s not just you who’s already feeling the brink of this week – it’s everyone, and it’s all thanks to astrology.

This week, five planets will be in retrograde. Yep, five! All this astrological chaos will make you rethink your plans for the future and act as a catalyst for change. Here’s a gist of what you need to look out for in the coming days.

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Tuesday June 30 marks the midway point of Mercury’s current retrograde journey in Cancer. This transit, which began on June 18, has been less intense that previous Mercury retrogrades and instead has focused on allowing us to rethink things in life.

This week, you’ll especially want to ask yourself questions like these: How can I safely visit family again now COVID-19 restrictions are easing? What can I do to help my family members who are still self-isolating?

At the same time, you’ll also have thoughts about how you can create a sense of normalcy and security in your life. Is my daily routine working? Do things need to be adjusted? Do I have any fears about changing my habits? What are these fears? Where are they coming from? How can I overcome these?

And then you’ll also start questioning your love life. For those in relationships, questions like these will arise: Am I in a relationship with someone who accepts me for my authentic self? Or am I holding back on some level? Do they make me feel happy and calm? Do I feel emotionally secure when I’m with them?

Also on Tuesday, Pluto and Jupiter will clash for the second of three times this year. This is a significant planetary transit which only happens every 13 years in a different sign and serves as a marker for cultural change. With it, however, can bring selfishness, jealousy and greed. Combat this by setting aside differences and working with others.

According to a Well+Good article, it’s also a moment to consider how you’re wielding power in your life.

“Are you in integrity with your values? Are you working towards authentic, soul-drive goals?”, Well+Good astrologer Jennifer Racioppi writes. If you answered no to one or both of these questions, “now’s the time to course-correct by acknowledging where you lack courage to make the changes you most desire.”

To add to Tuesday’s astronomical monsoon, the sun will conjoin with Mercury in retrograde and make an activating square to Chiron, the wounded healer. This will bring a flood of emotions, but using this pain to your advantage will bring a source of power and wisdom.

On Wednesday July 1, Saturn exits Aquarius and re-enters Capricorn to bring ambition, structure and rules. Think about what areas of your life needs improving, and what works need to be done to achieve this.

Expect conflict and tension to rise with the full moon on July 5. Full moons ask you to release whatever it is that isn’t working, so take time to assess and re-evaluate decisions.

Even with all these planetary transits and retrogrades happening this week, which may cause an increase in disruptions, chaos and heightened emotions, it also offers a lot of support. Making sensible decisions now can stick. The key is to stay clear and conscious, and listen your mind and body. Cry if you need to, vent to someone if you need to – allow yourself to feel all the emotions. And remember this: things might seem tough now, but persist and you’ll come out the other side happier, healthier and stronger.

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