Crazy dreams during lockdown? This is what they mean

Crazy dreams during lockdown? This is what they mean

Struggling to make sense of all the weird dreams you’ve been having during lockdown? We asked an expert to interpret our subconscious adventures, and she gave us some revealing insights to say the least…

A lot of us have been having unusually vivid and detailed dreams of late, #pandemicdreams has been trending ever since lockdown kicked in and we’ve even had a psychologist explain why this is happening to us here.

So we thought it was only right we delved into the meaning of some of these dreams and get to grips with what our mind is trying to tell us.

Psychologist Martina Kocian, aka ‘The Dream Doctor’, who specialises in dream interpretation, analysis and therapy says that science attributes multiple purposes to dreaming, including regulating emotions and mental health, assimilating learning and problem solving, healing trauma and facilitating creativity.

“Some fascinating recent studies have investigated a connection between dreaming and the immune system with dream therapy playing a positive and complementary role in the treatment of cancer patients and people with chronic fatigue,” she explains.

But what’s with all the whacky subject matters dominating our shut-eye at the moment?

“During times of collective crisis, feelings of stress, anxiety and uncertainty can cause mixed sleep-wake states as the subconscious attempts to process our heightened thoughts, emotions and experiences which can trigger lucidity,” says Kocian.

According to Kocian, lucid dreams can be beneficial to us because, with the removal of logic, boundaries and consequences, we are better able to control this kind of dream event and will them to our favour.

“This can be an empowering experience if the dream has nightmarish qualities,” she explains. “We discover we have the power to fend off an opponent (or virus!) or break rules without consequences.”

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Side note – before we get into the dream interpretations, if you’ve been finding yourself sleep talking lately, but you don’t usually, don’t worry about it – your brain is just confused. “Sleep talking is a common sleep disorder which occurs when our brain becomes confused between sleeping and waking,” says Kocian. “With part of the brain being aroused and awake while the remaining part continues on in deep sleep.

“If you aren’t usually a sleep talker, put it down to external factors such as stress, depression, sleep deprivation, alcohol or even an illness that elicits fever, all can bring on a sleep talking episode.”

What do your dreams mean?

Dream Doctor Martina Kocian explains the meaning of some of your most common lockdown dreams, although, it comes with a caveat. “It’s important to note that these dream meanings are symbolic generalisations only and many individual dream details contribute to the heart of your dream message.”

Dream: You’re late, have missed important calls or meetings

Meaning: Being unprepared for something in waking life. Missing a plane or train in your dream symbolises the same, although missing a travel connection may suggest you feel others are leaving you lagging behind.

Dreams of running after a train are common. According to Freud, trains are classic phallic symbols, suggesting a sexual cause behind frustration expressed in the dream.

Dream: You’re in childhood bed/bedroom/home

Meaning: A symbol of family, connections and traditions. It can reflect our basic beliefs about home and family.

Dream: You’re back at school

Meaning: Back to school dreams can be surprisingly frequent in adulthood. Dreaming about school days may be an indicator that something in our past (possibly from that era) or something outdated is currently affecting present circumstances.

Dream: Erotic, involving ScoMo

Meaning: Sexual dreams about public figures can indicate a wish to take on the desired qualities and characteristics of the individual. If the traits are not so desirable this can reflect the undesirable trait in ourselves.

Dream: Incredibly detailed bizarre dreams with real plots and storylines

Meaning: This is very normal and often occurs closest to waking as this is our longest REM period lasting up to 45 mins.

Dream: You’re nude or using the toilet in public (or on Zoom)

Meaning: Feelings of vulnerability and exposure in waking life.

Dream: You’re falling

Meaning: Lack or loss of control in a situation in waking life.

Dream: You’re flying

Meaning: Positive feelings about current life circumstances

Dream: Death of loved ones, pets or even ourselves

Meaning: Importantly, it’s not a prediction that your loved ones are going to die. Change and transition or an upheaval occurring in waking life. If something is missing in our waking lives, such as human connection, the dreaming mind can be wonderfully compensatory and provide a lucid experience where we can summon a loved one.

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