Chris Hemsworth’s trainer reveals the exercises you need to be doing when gyms reopen

Chris Hemsworth’s trainer reveals the exercises you need to be doing when gyms reopen

You’ll want to maximise your time in the gym when they reopen as coronavirus restrictions ease, so take advice from this A-list celebrity’s personal trainer.

The past couple of months has changed our approach to exercise. With gyms forced to close, we’ve had to resort to alternative methods to get our heart rate up like tuning into at-home workouts and going on plenty of outdoor walks and runs.

But with restrictions beginning to ease and gyms set to re-open shortly, everyone will be rushing to burn off the banana bread and get back into their gym routine.

The question is, how do we maximize our time in the gym – especially if there will be certain restrictions enforced? According to Chris Hemsworth’s trainer Luke Zocchi, there are two crucial exercises we should be prioritising at the gym.

“A barbell back squat or a deadlift,” he told publication DMARGE in an interview.

“Everyone has been on bodyweight exercises so when people get back out into the real world when gyms open up again, a barbell deadlift is a good one [to start doing again].”

The reason they’re so beneficial is because “you’re almost working the whole body in that one exercise.”

“People neglect them because they’re hard, but they’re a really good exercise,” Zocchi added.

As for your at-home workouts, Zocchi recommends pushing out those burpees to maximise your sweat sessions.

“Everyone hates burpees don’t they. But they recruit so many muscles in the one exercise.”

He continued: “A lot of people do them really fast and don’t do them correctly; do them with good form and they’re a great exercise.”

Well, you certainly can’t argue with Chris Hemsworth’s trainer!

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