Cheat sheet for overcoming relationship woes, based on your star sign

Cheat sheet for overcoming relationship woes, based on your star sign

The love between you and your partner may be undeniable, but the like? Well, that could have been a bit lacking, especially lately, what with the lockdown and 24/7 living and working in close proximity.

When the mere thought of your partner has you mentally picturing screaming into a pillow, you know you’ve hit a rumble in your relationship. The good news is, no relationship is perfect or drama-free, and the longer you’re with someone, the clearer that becomes.

The even better news? The secret to riding through a rough patch and back to romance may lie within the zodiac. Check out our cheatsheet below for how to deal with disagreements according to yours and your partner’s sign.

Check your sign to assess what you could be doing differently and theirs for tips on turning things around. And don’t forget, if the description doesn’t fit, check your rising signs.


If you’re an Aries

Aries communicate by taking charge and making plans of action that you believe others should follow. Then it’s either get behind you, or get out. While sometimes your partner appreciates your take-charge attitude leave it to you to tell them what to do, it always pays to make space to listen instead of always speaking first.

If your partner is an Aries

If your rough patch revolves around you constantly asking, “What’s wrong?”, then your good-intentioned question will only make them even more distant. According to astrologer Clarisse Monahan, when you’re dealing with an Aries, less is more. Just being there for them and offering “quiet support” will be really appreciated. Once they’re ready to work things out, they’ll let you know.


If you’re a Taurus

As a Taurean, your love language revolves around yours and your partner’s tummies – you look to cook fine food for them and you – and physical contact. However, it’s likely you may swing from showering your lover with affection and nurturing to withholding when you’re feeling resentful. Be clear with your intentions and ask for space and time if that’s what you need to get back to love.

If your partner is a Taurus

Taurus needs to feel physically connected to feel safe and secure in a relationship. If you’re going through a rough patch, try your best to be as close to them as possible. According to Monahan, touch helps overthinking Taurus get out of their head and back into their body. If you’re long-distance right now, send them a care package. “They really enjoy the tangible, so this will be the next best thing rather than seeing you in the flesh,” Monahan says.


If you’re a Gemini

Geminis have no problem leaving if things aren’t working out, so maybe take a beat and consider putting some fight in to save your relationship before packing your bags. It wouldn’t hurt to make a list of reasons why you should be together – and sharing them with your partner – before considering taking flight. Sidenote: some partners might get exhausted with Gemini’s non-stop chat and they do best in a relationship when they have a wide circle of friends.

If your partner is a Gemini

Ruled by Mercury, Geminis love to talk things through and can be prone to overanalysing. “As long as you provide a non-judgmental ear for them, they tend to bounce back to their normal self pretty quickly,” Monahan says.


If you’re a Cancer

Cancer signs like to feel needed and nurtured. Make sure your partner is aware of that by making your needs known in a calm, grounded way. A sign prone to waterworks, maybe get all of your tears out as best as you can before trying to talk anything through so you can be clear in your communication.

If your partner is a Cancer

Monahan believes Cancers are the type of partner who’ll always be there for you through the tough times, but it’s hard for them to ask for help. If you want to work things out, let your partner know you’re there for them and ask them what they need from you. Just having the validation that you care can really go a long way towards reconciliation.


If you’re a Leo

Oh Leo, we all adore you, with all that charm and wit how could we not? But be aware of your blind spots, are you being a little too proud? Or expecting a bit too much attention from your partner, who might be dealing with their own personal issues. Tap into what your partner needs and listen closely, after all, the quicker you help them, the quicker you get the spotlight back.

If your partner is a Leo

“Like Aries, Leo really dislike when their life is not going completely to plan, so tread lightly,” says Monahan. If your Leo is going through something and it’s causing issues in the relationship, don’t try to fix their problem or make light of it to ease any tension. All they need is support and affection.


If you’re a Virgo

Virgo, have you gone so deep into trying to fix a problem that you’ve forgotten about your partner? You’re a sensitive soul and a little touch can often speak volumes to you and, in the case of conflict, heal a rift with a partner. Reach out and hold their hand or give them a kiss on the cheek, that will provide a lot of information about what you’re thinking and feeling and show you still care.

If your partner is a Virgo

According to Monahan, there’s nothing Virgo appreciates more than practicality in a partner. Figure out how you can help by talking to them and listening. Like Gemini, Virgos are ruled by communication planet Mercury so they can work through problems pretty quickly when they talk them out.


If you’re a Libra

Libras really don’t like conflict, but when it happens it’s always better to deal with it than to let it fester. Lean into your innate ability to be fair and balanced so you can clearly hear your partners own concerns, worries, and solutions. BUT – and that deserves capitals – be mindful and direct about what you want, too. As psychologist astrologist Dr. Jennifer Freed tells Goop, “One of the best ways you [Libra] can keep a connection equal is to make sure you are considering yourself as much as the other person in each scenario and stating clear requests out loud.

If your partner is a Libra

Libra can be… complicated to conflict with. “Prone to black and white thinking, highly intelligent, sticklers for the absolute truth and resistant to any kind drama, they can at once be avoiding conflict and also perpetuating it by constantly agreeing with their partner or worse, clinging to them,” says Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at Keen. If you want to make good with a Libra, be honest with them and crystal, even if it feels brutal. They’ll bounce back quick smart and respect you more.


If you’re a Scorpio

Be vocal. Tell your partner you need some quiet time to sort through your thoughts, you don’t need to elaborate, they will understand. This will save you from reacting in anger, judging, throwing insults, being sarcastic, or something else you’ll regret later. You’re highly intelligent, go inward first and figure out what’s upsetting you before confronting their partner. Then look for solutions that will benefit both of you.

If your partner is a Scorpio

According to Hale, Scorpio can be very sensitive and prone to pushing loved ones away with hurtful words they regret saying later. If this has led to a rough patch in your relationship, be honest with them about how you’re feeling is key. With Scorpio, you can’t make them do anything they don’t want to. If you put your feelings out there and make your intention of working things out known, it’ll be up to them to make the next move.


If you’re a Sagittarius

You’re known for being direct and blunt Sagittarius but, as Dr Freed suggests, it might be better to use your arrow of honesty to admit you may not have the only truth and seek all perspectives. “You love to tell people how it is and how they should think about things,” says Dr Freed. “This style can be abrasive when dealing with delicate subjects…Use your innate optimism to see opportunities for collaboration at any impasse.”

If your partner is a Sagittarius

Hale says partners of Sag are lucky. Even if they’re going through a tough time, they’re usually confident that things will work out. They may get distant or restless, but it shouldn’t last too long. One thing you can do is give them some space to figure things out, then makes sure you seek to share a laugh, something that any couple can benefit from.


If you’re a Capricorn

You’re known for your ambition Capricorn, and while constantly working towards a goal keeps you thriving, make sure that focus doesn’t cause you to push your lover to one side. Find the time to communicate, add some relationship goals to your list and, advises Dr Freed employ your patient and strategic methods to step back and allow the other person’s complaints to truly emerge.

If your partner is a Capricorn

Hale says that as Capricorns are initiators and leaders, you need to allow them to feel they’re handling any conflict situation. “They like to be in control of any and all things,” she says. “If that is too much for you, a Capricorn may not be the best. All a Capricorn wants is a structured life that feels stable, and being in control is the way they embody that in their daily life.” Trust a ram to be so stubborn. But it’s not their way or the highway, ask them how you can lend a helping hand, if they’ve fallen into a funk you can almost guarantee it relates to their goals have gone off track.


If you’re an Aquarius

Yes, Aquarius, you are very smart indeed and have an uncanny knack for seeing the best in people and having rapid insight into what they need to feel truly accepted. But, maybe you should pause to look at the whole picture of the conflagration? You might see he other person genuinely has something to. “Although people rely on your stunning objectivity, it can be a real buzz kill for getting through a thorny intimate knot,” says Dr Freed. “You can afford to acknowledge their legitimate distress. When they can feel your extensive compassion they will be much more interested in your sterling intuitions.”

If your partner is an Aquarius

Hardwired for freedom, Aquarians can become distant if they’re going through something in their own lives. Hale advises partners of Aquarians to assess their social lives, is your loved one getting out and about enough? Or, current climate considered, are they getting enough FaceTime? Helping your partner find and join groups where people share their goals could help them get through personal troubles. Once that’s all good, your relationship can get back on track.


If you’re a Pisces

Pisces are the real feelers of the zodiac, but try not to play or feel the victim, chances are you aren’t the only one suffering here. “Dive into the experience of the other and resonate with how they feel. Are they sad? Scared? Angry? Disrespected? You can perform emotional triage by recognising and affirming their felt anguish,” says Dr Freed. In plain English that means, let them say their piece, listen, relax and then you can talk it out constructively.

If your partner is a Pisces

Pisces loves to love and there is nothing more important to them than their relationship. When going through a rough patch, they can easily get caught up in their fears. If you want to help ease their anxiety over the relationship, give them an outlet. “Pisces is sensitive and creative, so encouraging them in some type of creative venture can be helpful,” Hale says. It also doesn’t hurt to have an honest conversation about your relationship and why they might be feeling a certain way. Just remember the golden rule: respond, don’t react.

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