Boost your mood and happiness with this 7 day self-care plan

Boost your mood and happiness with this 7 day self-care plan

Follow this guide to boost your mood, reduce your anxiety and kickstart a wholesome week.

To take care of your mind and body, you need to start with small healthy habits. Whether you’ve been spoiling yourself with at-home DIY mani’s, comfort baking or practising mindfulness, it’s good to incorporate little daily rituals to reset your mind every single day.

However, if you’re running out of healthy habits, we’ve pulled together seven days’ worth of self-care practices to get you inspired again. Try it out for a week and see the difference in how you feel!

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Sunday, June 21

Try mindful baking

Studies show creative outlets like baking can improve your overall sense of wellbeing. And when you turn it into a mindfulness exercise, the benefits increase. To make baking more mindful, take it slow and focus on the feel, smell and look of each ingredient, and stay present with every step.

Monday, June 22

Do ‘dopamine dressing’

Forget about dopamine fasting, if you want to increase your happy feels, it’s time to try dopamine dressing. Simply put, this new trend — which has scientific weight behind it — is all about wearing bright, fun clothes (think bold colours like yellow and orange, plus playful prints). Since bright colours are often associated with feelings of vitality, happiness and energy, it’s thought that wearing fun clothes can help trigger the release of the happy hormone dopamine. So ditch those winter greys and bust out the pinks!

Tuesday, June 23

Turn your commute into a workout

Take us up on our advice and cycle or walk into work. To make the most of your commute, make sure you add in a few dynamic stretches, such as squats or side bends, to rev up your muscles before you take off. For an exercise high, add intervals, where you push yourself a little harder for five-minute blocks, then dial back the intensity.

Wednesday, June 24

Book a local getaway

Now that local travel is allowed, book yourself some time away. Not only will it give you a much-needed break, but a recent study by the University of Texas also found spending money on experiences rather than material items brings you more happiness before, during and after the time of purchase.

Thursday, June 25

Nosh on some avo toast

The mighty avocado really is the breakfast of champions. As well as boasting impressive amounts of vitamins K, C, B5, B6 and E, it’s also loaded with folate, which plays an important part in regulating your moods, keeping you calm and preventing depression.

Friday, June 26

Flip your negative thoughts

Feeling overwhelmed with work or life in general? Instead of thinking: “I can’t cope anymore”, try: “After this, I will appreciate a, b and c.” You can’t do anything to change your situation now, but focusing your mind on the things that bring you joy can help you regain perspective.

Saturday, June 27

Host a dinner party

Of course, supporting your local restaurants and cafes has never been more important, but you don’t have to eat out for every meal. In fact, cooking with fresh fruit and veg at home can be better for your gut health, since you’re less likely to overeat and treat yourself to fried meals. When you bake or grill foods, they’re more easily broken down by your digestion, which helps support your gut — and a happy gut equals a happy mind.

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