An astrologer reveals how to reap all the benefits of June’s ‘Strawberry Moon’ eclipse

An astrologer reveals how to reap all the benefits of June’s ‘Strawberry Moon’ eclipse

The astrological event brings a heap of changes and challenges for the month ahead, esepcially for two star signs.

If you’re an avid astrology fan, you’d know that we’re expecting to see June’s extraordinary full moon lunar eclipse.

At 5.12am on June 6, Sydney-siders will be able to catch a glimpse of a supersized moon.

Traditionally coinciding with the strawberry harvesting season in North America, the full moon has been deemed the ‘Strawberry Moon eclipse. While the name doesn’t carry any astrological meaning, “it’s a beautiful reminder of how people once worked in sync with the nature, agriculture and the phases of the Moon”, astrologer Natasha Weber tells body+soul.

But there’s nothing easy-going about this lunar eclipse; it opposes the Sun in Gemini and forms in the fiery sign of Sagittarius.

“Sagittarians and Geminis will feel the brunt of this eclipse, particularly if you have both these signs present in your birth chart,” Weber explains. “You might have a Sagittarius Sun sign and a Gemini Moon sign, for example. These folks will likely experience a dramatic shift or change.”

It could bring disruption, chaos and challenge the normal – three behaviours which have been prominent throughout 2020 already.

“Challenge and change can be painful. It’s human nature to want to cling onto what we know, even if it’s not good for us, because it feels safe.”

Weber says you’ll need to live the month of June with an open mind, be sensible, pace yourself and accept change.

“Sometimes we get stuck in a pattern of familiarity, which is not ultimately in our best interests. Then, an eclipse comes along to shake things up.

“On looking back, people will understand how this needed to happen to instigate a positive shift. This eclipse will challenge our belief system – both personally and globally.”

While you’ll be tipped to the brink of June at first – especially for Sagittarians and Geminis – Weber says the key to success during this month’s full moon is to “think ahead and act later” and “to plan, prepare and carefully plot whatever it is that you wish to achieve”.

“My best advice would be to firstly re-examine your beliefs. Are you living in accordance to them? Flow with the change and trust the process.”

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