ALDI is selling a $149 airfryer that will roast a chook AND cook you pizza

ALDI is selling a $149 airfryer that will roast a chook AND cook you pizza

When it comes to kitchen appliances for healthy meal prep, we’re all about gadgets that multi-task. ALDI is selling a 23 litre air fryer that doubles as a pizza oven, and we’re guessing it might be (another) sell out item. 

The air fryer just might be the humble kitchen appliance we didn’t know we needed… until, well, we knew. And now? Let’s just say it’s one of the most used appliances in our kitchen.

Dietitian Melissa Meier agrees, telling body+soul “Air fryers deliver a similar crispy result to deep frying, but don’t involve the copious amounts of oil. Instead, air fryers use just a fraction of the oil and a whole lot of hot air to create that much-loved taste and texture of deep-fried goodies. Air fryers allow you to recreate anything from deep-fried chicken, battered fish and hot chips to brownies with a healthier spin.”

So when we got news that as of Wednesday 24th of June ALDI will be selling a 23L Air Fryer Oven with Pizza Function, we may have choked a little our sugar-free Dalgona coffee.

Although it’s not the first time ALDI’s given us the air frying goods, it is the first time it’s taken into account our love of a healthy homemade pizza.

Not sure exactly what an air fryer does?

It is what it exactly sounds like. It’s a healthier alternative to the traditional deep fryer, which uses super-hot air to quickly and evenly make food crispy without having to actually deep-fry pr use any oil at all.

That’s calories saved, skin problems saved and gut woes saved – all without compromising taste.

But it also does more than just crisp up food. You can use it to heat frozen foods, roast meats and nuts, boil eggs, cook omelettes, and even bake muffins and cakes – all in half the time as an oven or deep fryer.

While 23 litres sounds big, this baby will apparently sit comfortably on your kitchen benchtop, and not only air fries but also dehydrates – and has a pizza function so you can whop up your own homemade margherta, too.

Unfortunately, ALDI doesn’t sell online, so you’ll have to head into one of their stores to nab yourself this bargain, IRL.

Don’t have an ALDI nearby? Try these other options if you’re still keen to dive into the world of air frying…

Best bargain air fryers

Can’t get to ALDI? We’ve found three great bargains on air fryers…

1. 3.2L Air Fryer (from Kmart, $69)

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2. Prinetti Digital Air Fryer 3L (from Big W, $99)

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3. Healthy Choice 10 Litre Digital Air Fryer (from Dick Smith, $199)

Buy it here.

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