A Nike Master Trainer’s 4-minute desk detox routine to do every day while you WFH

A Nike Master Trainer’s 4-minute desk detox routine to do every day while you WFH

Sore back? Brain fog? Low mood? Boost your energy for your body and mind with this Nike Master Trainer’s quick training session.

Many of us have been working from home for many weeks now. This change in environment might mean we don’t have regular set up or prompts to get up and move our bodies out of desk posture, like walking to a meeting room or going out for a coffee. When working from home, we should be aiming to stand or stretch hourly at minimum.

Unfortunately, it’s extremely easy to forget to do this, which is why it’s important to set aside a few minutes each day to stretch your entire body.

I’ve created this short 4-minute training session to release and reset your posture, and to also promote oxygen through the body to re-boost the mind. Please make sure you move at your own pace and ease into each movement, taking the time to explore your range of motion and your limitations. This workout is important for us to combat any misalignments in our posture that can occur in seated positions. It will also help promote blood flow and oxygen to all areas of your body, helping to boost energy for both your body and mind.

This session focuses on “opening” and “releasing” your shoulder and hip areas, specifically the hip flexors and pecs. It’s particularly important to focus on releasing these muscles before working to improve your posture, as tightness in these areas can hamper your performance.

Set an hourly alarm to remind yourself to get up from your seated position for this short stretching sequence on the hour, every hour. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

4-minute Desk Detox workout

Diaphragmatic breaths – 10 reps

A diaphragmatic breath is a fancy name for a deep belly breath, breathing in through the nose for four seconds, holding for two, and then exhaling through the mouth for six. This not only helps release tension and promotes oxygen down through the body. You can also use this breath to scan where you are holding any tension.

Dynamic chest stretch – 30 seconds

Clasp hands behind your back, pull your shoulder blades together so you stick your chest out and straighten your arms down to the floor. This will help with any tension created by being in a frozen position at the desk. It will also help you reset your posture.

Shoulder circles – 10 reps each side

With your chest facing forward, lifting one arm up with your palm facing towards you and draw a circle. When you reach the top of the movement, flip your palm open and swipe as big as you can without shifting your chest. This movement helps to lubricate the shoulder joint and open up the area around the shoulder.

Standing hip flexor stretch – 15 seconds each leg

Place one foot behind you and tuck butt under before sinking the back knee slightly to create a stretch in the hip flexors which are integral for the majority of your lower body exercises. This stretch will help to release any tightness in this area.

Lateral hip opener – 10 reps on each side

This is really great for releasing tension in the lower body. Step feet wide, bend one knee and keep the other leg straight. Sticking your butt out with a long spine to feel the stretch, gently transition to the other side until you start to feel the release.

Over the fence step – 30 seconds

Pretending there is a fence in front of you and with your leg straight, lift your knee high over the “fence”, following with other leg. For a deeper stretch, exaggerate the circular movement at your hips even further!

Steph Bruckner is a Nike Master Trainer. Follow her on Instagram @iamstephbruckner.

For more desk detox workouts, head to the Nike Training Club app. It’s free and there are over 185 workouts you can do from your living room, or in the park if you need fresh air – focusing on either strength, endurance or mobility.

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