8 ways gyms will change once coronavirus restrictions are lifted

8 ways gyms will change once coronavirus restrictions are lifted

With coronavirus cases dwindling by the day across Australia, it won’t be long until gyms are given the green light to reopen. But there are a many ways they will need to change to adapt to strict hygiene rules and social distancing regulations.

We’re all currently wondering how long it will be until life will return back to normality as we recover from the current coronavirus pandemic. But the truth is simple: it will never happen. Even with restrictions across Australia lifting already, life will never return back to what it was prior to the outbreak of COVID-19.

As businesses are given the green light to reopen, they will have to adapt to certain rules and regulations to maintain good hygiene and adhere to ever-changing social distancing guidelines – and this especially applies to gyms.

The dates when gyms will reopen varies between states. Gyms are open in the Northern Territory, but fitness buffs shouldn’t be there for more than two hours.

Up to 10 people are allowed to join outdoor gyms or bootcamps in Tasmania, Queensland and the ACT.

In Western Australia, up to 20 people are allowed to participate in indoor and outdoor no-equipment fitness classes.

Gyms are set to reopen on June 8 in South Australia, and currently there’s a 10-person limit for outdoor non-contact sports.

As for NSW and Victoria, both states are yet to set a date for gyms to reopen.

But with coronavirus cases dwindling by the day across the nation, it won’t be long till all gyms will be able to open their doors again – and some have already begun preparing for that day.

body+soul asked leading gyms what precautions they will be taking to ensure adequate hygiene is maintained to help prevent an outbreak of the novel virus. Here are the eight biggest and most common changes that will be implemented, which you can expect next time you visit your gym:

8 biggest changes gyms will be making one restrictions are lifted

1. Clear signs promoting hygiene, cleanliness and social distancing will be visible throughout gyms

2. Logbooks and member tracking systems, to ensure gyms know who is using the facilities at all times

3. Continuous on-staff cleaners, with equipment sterilised after each class

4. Hand sanitiser dispensers located throughout gyms, especially at the entrance

5. Smaller class sizes

6. Increase in outdoor classes

7. Online workouts will still be ongoing

8. Temperature checks when entering gyms

How 5 gyms will be changing once coronavirus restrictions are lifted

Here’s a breakdown of exactly how five gyms will be adapting to the restrictions once they are able to reopen.

Lean Bean Fitness

“When the studio is allowed to re-open, we’ll be having 15-minute breaks between classes to sanitise mats and equipment handles, and also to avoid the crossover of people coming in and out,” founder Lizzie Bland tells body+soul. “Our classes will also have maximum 10 people in to allow for plenty of space between clients.”

Lizzie will also be continuing with her popular online streaming programme ‘Virtual Lean Bean’.

For more information, head here.

Flow Athletic

Founder Ben Lucas notes Flow Athletic will be taking the following measures:

  • Logs in each gym room so clients can see what has been cleaned, when and with what.
  • Different types of cleaning products for high touch areas, plus walls, floors, machines, soft areas and mats.
  • An on-staff cleaner.
  • Hand sanitiser when you walk into the gym.
  • Smaller groups for workouts, plus the addition of outside training which Flow didn’t have before.
  • Continuing live stream workouts as it allowed them to reach an International audience that they want to keep.
  • Potential temperature checker.

For more information, head here.

Fitness Playground

On top of continuing to offer their members access to online workouts via The Virtual Playground, co-founder Justin Ashley notes Fitness Playground gyms have “installed sanitisation stations, air sanitisers and prepared equipment to be 1.5 metres apart”. Installation of thermal cameras upon entry are also in discussion.

For more information, head here.

Fitness First

The international fitness brand will be maintaining strict social distancing, an increased cleaning regime, and hand sanitisers and disinfectant gym wipes will be available for all members and staff.

They will also continue to provide free access to their Fitness First At Home workouts and resources for all Australians, not just members.

For more information, head here.


  • Adhering to capacity limitations according to state/territory requirements. E.g. 20 people for QLD in Stage 2.
  • Cleaning and sanitising equipment frequently, especially between uses
  • Increasing the amount of hand sanitiser stations in easy access areas throughout the club.
  • Encouraging members to be diligent with personal cleanliness and hygiene – sanitising gloves and cleaning hand wraps and towels between workouts, bringing their own water bottle, washing hands and so on.
  • Adapting workouts to reduce use of hard-to-clean equipment.
  • Member tracking system to ensure the club knows who is using the facilities at all times.
  • Waiting stations are marked at reception and outside the club as necessary capacity is exceeded.
  • Ample signage clearly displayed promoting hygiene, cleanliness and social distancing.

For more information, head here.

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