6 best sexy workouts to tone from home

6 best sexy workouts to tone from home

Get toned, feel sexy and boost your confidence with these saucy — and effective — online workouts.

If you swapped formal wear for pyjama pants around week three of isolation, raise your hand. Now raise your hand if you’d like to remember how it feels to not look in the mirror and realise you’ve been sporting a Milo stain on your sweatshirt for three days. Great, that’s everyone.

Now that we know where we’re all at, don’t be too hard on yourself if you’ve lost a bit of your mojo — none of us knew how to navigate this. The last couple of months have been tough, so while it’s totally acceptable to laze on the couch with a tub of ice cream every now and then, you’ll feel a whole lot better if you suit up in your favourite activewear and start getting your glow on.

Not only will it get those endorphins flowing, you’ll also remember how strong you are — and if you give one of these sexy workout classes a try, you’ll be feeling yourself more than Beyoncé does in no time.

Shake your hips with primal moves

Try: The Jungle Body

Working with the newest, hottest music, each one of the five Jungle Body programs will have you squatting, twerking and dancing until you’re dripping with sweat. The KONGA at-home workout is a 50-minute fat-burning video. Not a great dancer? No problem. While KONGA is high-intensity, it’s also low in complexity, so you can easily follow along. If you’re after more, visit the free Jungle Body Club for weekly workout playlists, healthy recipes, inspirational podcasts and a taste of other class styles like TYGA, where you’ll learn how to shake like Shakira.

Cost: $15.99 for KONGA

Find out more: thejunglebody.com

Get a booty-ful bum

Try: Tonique Fitness

Created by Sylwia Wiesenberg, founder of BAWDY (a skincare brand designed specifically for your butt), Tonique Fitness is all about sculpting your booty. Broken up into five phases, the Tonique online workout program will change the shape of your body, tone your muscles, improve your posture and help you feel confident in your own skin. Expect glute-burning moves like multi-directional squats and lunges, donkey kicks and leg lifts, plus total-body exercises like push-ups, handstands and dance moves.

Cost: From $5 a video

Find out more: toniquefitness.com

Become showgirl confident

Try: Fitesque

Want the body — and confidence — of a showgirl? Give this burlesque-inspired workout series a go. Created by trainer and former showgirl Melony Cherrett, Fitesque is a heart-pumping combination of sexy burlesque dancing and traditional exercise moves like squats designed to tone your body and up your self-confidence. Each week you’ll get a new 20-minute full-body workout or stretch class that’ll work on building your core and improving your poise and posture. As well as helping you transform your living room into a stage (you’ll have the moves to prove it!), a Fitesque membership can also help you shed excess kilos with its nutrition program, boost your self-love with guided mindset meditations and find your tribe in its community forum.

Cost: $19.95 a month

Find out more: fitesque.com

Build a platinum pelvic floor

Try: P.Volve

You’ve never tried a workout quite like P.volve before. Developed by celebrity trainer Stephen Pasterino, P.volve uses functional, resistance-based moves to tone your entire body. The high-intensity, low-impact exercises use a p.ball (an inflated ball and elastic band that sits between your legs) as well as ankle and hand weights to help activate your glutes, thighs, core and overlooked muscles like your pelvic floor. In fact, every P.volve workout will teach you how to better articulate your pelvis as you tilt and engage the surrounding muscles. Sign up to the streaming library for your pick of more than 200 workouts and expect a more defined butt and abs, leaner legs and a stronger pelvic floor.

Cost: $32 a month

Find out more: pvolve.com

Dance like a diva

Try: Hip Shake Fitness

Created to empower women of all shapes and sizes, Hip Shake Fitness will put you in touch with your seductive side with its sultry muscle-busting dance classes. A monthly subscription will give you access to more than 200 workouts and choreography classes, personalised training programs, weekly workout schedules, meal plans and member challenges. To build a stronger booty — and to lift your confidence — check out the Tone n Twerk program. You’ll tighten your tush (and more) with booty bands and weights. For a whole-body workout, try the Strong and Sexy series, which fuses traditional strength training and cardio with dance routines to build endurance and blast fat.

Cost: about $27 a month

Find out more: hipshakefitness.com

Practice self-love and sensuality

Try: Buti Yoga

A sensual fusion of dynamic yoga poses, primal movements, cardio dance and deep core conditioning, Buti Yoga’s mission is to transform not just your body, but also your mind. Each 30- to 90-minute class is guided by music rather than counts, and aims to help you tap into your wild side. As well as helping you burn up some serious energy and build long, lean muscles, this style of yoga encourages self love and helps you restore your emotional balance. Get your fix via digital downloads, Buti DVDs or online streaming, which gives you access to more than 250 full-length classes so you can strengthen your core, improve your alignment and tap into your feminine energy.

Cost: about $60 a month

Find out more: butiyoga.com

How to think yourself sexy

Confidence is not just about how you look…

Sniff a cucumber

The smell of cucumber can increase sexual arousal, which makes you feel sexier. So buy some cucumber-scented creams and candles.

Slip on something red

Studies show wearing red makes women feel more sexually appealing.

Spritz perfume

Time to break out the good stuff, because research shows 90 per cent of women feel more confident when they wear perfume.

Stand up straight

One US study found that simply fixing your posture can seriously up your confidence.

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