5 genius tools to make your at-home barre workout as good as any studio workout

5 genius tools to make your at-home barre workout as good as any studio workout

Gyms are set to reopen shortly, but why not save your cash and work out in the comfort of your own home? All you need are a few simple pieces and you’ll be set up for success.

If iso has taught us anything, it’s that the only things you need for a basic barre workout are a mat and a high-backed chair. But why settle for basic? Adding a few choice pieces of equipment to your at home barre set up can help achieve a better workout and reap more of the benefits too.

As well as providing an excellent mental health boost, barre has proven physical benefits too: a study from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that resistance-based exercise like barre can elevate your metabolism for up to two days. On top of that, a good barre class will improve your posture, enhance mobility and give your body a push towards a tighter tush.

So save your barre class money, and avoid crowded, sweaty classes. Invest in equipment that will enhance your at home barre practice and fire up your favourite online class (psst, you can find a few excellent sessions in our body+soul LIVE @ home series).

MicrobandX Resistance Band Pack, $62.97 at The Iconic

The harder your muscles work, the quicker you’ll sculpt and tone them – and a quality resistance band can really help accelerate your progress. They’re versatile, portable and can help target the areas you really want to work on. This set is ideal for barre workouts, as the three levels of resistance are designed for hip-glute and leg conditioning workouts.

Meteor 2kg Anti-Slip Dumbbell Pair, $38.50 at Catch

Barrecore founder Niki Rein is a huge advocate for the use of dumbbells in barre classes. Adding them into your workout will help create lactic acid burn on your focus muscle groups, which drives a hormone reaction that means you effectively melt fat for days after your workout ends. If your goal is to lengthen and strengthen, Rein advises you avoid heavy weight training, which makes smaller, non-slip weights like this pair ideal.

Nyamba 500 Pilates Stretching Balance Board, $29.99 at Decathlon

The better your balance, the better the burn – which is where a balance board comes in. You can use balance boards to strengthen specific areas like your ankles, which can come under a lot of pressure during barre workouts. Nyamba’s 500 Board is sturdy, improves core strength and has excellent ground grip, which means it won’t move around even if you’re wobbling all over the place.

Lily Trotters S’mitten Womens Compression Socks, $59.95 at Sportitude

Ok, so compression socks don’t scream sexy, but they’re a great way to ensure your leg muscles stay energised, supported and warm. Lily Trotters are actually pretty cute, and they’re underpinned by technological brilliance and anti-microbial material to fight off gross post-workout bacteria.

TheraBand Mini Exercise Ball, $12 at Dick Smith

A mini exercise ball is a great addition to your barre routine – it’s the secret weapon that can take chair poses, leg extensions and pliés to the next level. This ball from TheraBand keeps thing simple with a non-slip and easy-to-clean surface that will let you focus on the workout.

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