How Should You Exercise to Avoid Accidental Risks If You Have Diabetes ?

How Should You Exercise to Avoid Accidental Risks If You Have Diabetes ?

While suffering from diabetes, it is necessary to control blood sugar for a long time. Therefore, diet and exercise therapy have become the main methods for diabetic patients to control the disease in their lives. Among them, exercise therapy is more important for diabetics. It not only requires diabetics to do exercise, but also to lose weight.

So what should be paid attention to in exercise therapy for diabetic patients?

1. Maintain regular exercise

For diabetic patients to perform exercise therapy, we must first maintain regular exercise. As the purpose of diabetic exercise is to promote the body, regular exercise can better adapt the body. With regular exercise every day, the body can effectively adjust itself and after being promoted in a short period of time, it can improve internal organ function.

2. Maintain exercise intensity

Diabetes patients do not need to continuously increase the exercise intensity like fitness people, but should maintain a certain exercise intensity, which is more beneficial for diabetic patients. Because they can better adjust their physical condition with certain exercise intensity. In addition, they can reduce the blood sugar level and there is no need to worry about hypoglycemia caused by excessive exercise. Maintaining effective exercise intensity can both control the disease for diabetic patients and reduce the risk during exercise.

3. Exercise according to the season

Because the temperature and external stimuli will change significantly when the seasons change, diabetic patients also need to exercise according to the season. For example, in winter when the weather is relatively cold, you must keep yourself warm. First, you must add clothing before exercising to avoid getting cold. Besides, you should avoid sweating during the exercise, otherwise it may increase the risk of catching a cold. In winter, you can properly perform strength training, because it is not easy to sweat but can also improve the body’s resistance.

4. Clarify the purpose of exercise

Diabetes patients should find out their exercise goals during exercise. In the early stage, patients cannot effectively arrange their exercise time. But after a period of adaptation, they can follow the treatment goals they want to achieve schedule exercise time.

5. Avoid the peak period of drug action

After taking the medicine for a period of time, there will be a peak period of efficacy, which is more important for diabetic patients. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid taking the medicine during this time. If you take the medicine during the peak period of the drug, coupled with the effect of exercise, you are likely to have a hypoglycemic reaction, so you should pay attention to your drug peak period when exercising.

Exercise therapy for diabetic patients is more effective, but you should pay attention to the protection of your body and the monitoring of your own blood sugar level when exercising. Scientific and effective exercise methods can help diabetic patients stay healthy.

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